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Atlanta Hawks 2018 Season Preview

Atlanta Hawks 2018 The Atlanta Hawks have an interesting upcoming season. While the Hawks performed badly last season, the organization has made good moves in the postseason that put them in a good position to move up the ranks this coming season. A few seasons ago, the Hawks were ranked as

Timberwolves Regular Season Predictions

Minnesota Timberwolves 2018 Predictions The Minnesota Timberwolves have probably one of the most talented rosters in Basketball. However, the team does not function well as a unit when they play. 75% of their wins last season come at home where they can feed off the crowd energy. Moreover, much of their

Denver Nuggets Pre-season predictions

Denver Nuggets Season Predictions The Denver Nuggets are probably the most underrated team in the NBA. And personally, they are one of my favorite teams. The Denver Nuggets play basketball the way it should be played; as a team that functions as unit offensively and that does not take shortcuts defensively.

Best centers in the NBA

New Orleans Pelicans-Pelicans-vs-Golden State-Warriors-Vegas-Sports-Bet-Online-NBA-Cover-The-Spread-Odds-Picks-and-Predictions

While NBA centers continue to play less of a role in the modern NBA, the center position has morphed to have other importances in the game. Centers mainly play a defensive role and are still essential for rebounding the ball and protecting the rim. Centers still need love. Listed below

NCAA Basketball Betting Tips

  NCAA Basketball Betting Tips College basketball has a special place in the hearts of many. Making brackets and picking the winning teams in college basketball is an art and science. This article features some tips for picking winning teams in college basketball. Shooting The team that has the best shooters usually wins in

NBA Stars That Should Be Traded

NBA Trades For 2018-2019 Season Not all players are worth their salary. Some players perform better in the offseason than others. These overpaid players that lack the clutch gene can be a black-hole for a franchise. These players can not only consume resources, but drive away other talented players and coaches.

What Team Will Dethrone Golden State?

Golden State Warriors For the past 4 years, Golden State has wrecked the league and changed the way the game of Basketball is played. No team will be beat Golden State will KD, Stephen Curry, Klay, and Boggie are in their prime. And given the way the game is played today,