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What Must The Pacific Division Do To Win Lord Stanley?

Calgary Flames You’re closer to the cup that any other team on this list but you must get over your first round exit quickly. You were in the top ten for both offensive and defensive categories but that went out the window after game five against the Avs. The biggest issue

What Must Central Division Teams Do To Win Lord Stanley?

     Nashville Predators-Nashville, you’re starting to turn into the NHL’s version of the OKC Thunder. You had a deep run in which you couldn’t quite make it and while you had time and youth on your side, you let it slip away like the Cup’s name was Frank Abagnale. You lost PK Subban but

Top 5 Steals of the NHL Draft

Ah yes, it’s time for me to take a look at the bright side of life. I get to talk about five players who either won’t bust out or will live up to their potential. Now, some will outgrow their potential and turn into another story of How did we miss that guy? It

First Ten Picks of the 2019 NHL Entry Draft.

Another first round of the NHL draft has come and gone. Kids who grew up milking cows and planting trees in Canada or playing organized Hockey in the United States have now become overnight millionaire. No doubt their phones blew up with calls and texts exclaiming how proud and loved that individual is, not

2019 Stanley Cup Finals preview.

An original six team is appearing in the Stanley Cup Finals, can you guess who it is? It’s neither the Red Wings nor the Blackhawks. It’s not the Canadiens or the Leafs either. Is it the New York Rangers? 25 years ago, you’re damn right but no. The Boston Bruins are in the

Carolina Money-Line…

Normally, this is the time I would be informing all of you as to why or why not a certain game may or will go a certain way. I cannot deliver such a work if there's not a game to be played. I would be sad but the