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Trusted Sports Betting Websites


When you are putting your hard earned money on the line you want to make sure you choose the safest and most trusted sports betting websites on the market in 2017. It’s imperative you select a sports betting website that will give you no hassles when you want to cash out your winnings and more importantly won’t keep you waiting! At the end of they day you want to know your moneys safe and ready to be put into work the next day.

This is why you come to Cover The Spread 365, we’ve used every book after many years in the industry and can confidently recommend the most secure and trustworthy sports betting websites right now. You can without a doubt trust these top rated online sports betting sites and allow yourself to purely focus on growing your bankroll.


In 2017, their have been way too many issues with risky sports betting websites where the bettors get shafted on the withdrawal process which takes longer than Charles Barkley to run the fast break! We have even witnessed some sports books online that never paid out winners and disappeared in an instant. This is why it is imperative to only trust your money with the most legit online sports booking sites on the market today. The best party is theirs more than a couple and they all have some pretty sweet offers on the table for new users!


Checklist For Selecting The Best Online Sports Book 


Longevity Of Sports Book 

The first and arguably the most important criteria to check for is how long the website has been successfully in operation for. The rule of thumb is if the sports betting website has had it’s lines open for more than 3 years they pass the buck! The longer the online sports book has been open will in turn be more popular to allow for quality feedback.  Thus increasing it’s validity and making it a trusted place to wager your money on.

Online sports betting websites that have terrible or no customers service will have a hard time gaining new customers when the word spreads. Nobody wants to send their money to a business where they can’t get any of their questions answered or given any type of direction when needed. The sports betting community is very close and word spreads quickly if a sports website isn’t accountable or something even changes with a popular website.  One of the biggest factors we take into account is the feedback amongst the most activity players in the game. If you want to hear from every day players you can check out forums.

Quick Deposit and Withdrawal Features

If you are a newbie to the online sports book world you may not realize how crucial being able to quickly deposit or withdraw can matter. Without the ability to be adjust and react could costs you on potential winnings. We understand your not in Vegas and can’t quickly cash in your winning tickets automatically, but you will want a reliable sports betting website that can pay you in timely and efficient manner. The longer your sitting on the sidelines missing out on the action can cost you more than you actually think. This even goes for winning a bet, you want an online sports book that credits your winnings the moment the clock hit 00:00.

You will want to take a moment to check out the guidelines for each online sports betting website to be aware of all potential situations you may find yourself in. You will want to make sure all deposits are instant to your new account, which they better be since 100% of betting websites today now are! Make sure you have a plethora of options on ways to deposit, if you come across an online sports book that only has one or limited options it may seem too new or untrustworthy. With deposits comes withdrawals, make sure they have options as well for receiving payments quicker (if needed, which typically charge a fee) or exact expected arrival timeframes. Lastly, make sure they have bonuses if you are signing up for the first time! Take advantage of arguably one of the biggest perks when giving these companies your cash.

Fair Lines & Odds 

Signing up for an account and receiving awesome bonuses may be great, but if you go to place your first bet and see terrible odds it may be all for nothing! You will want to take a look at their sports lines and odds before anything to make sure they fall in the line with Las Vegas Casinos. Now not every single game will always matchup with the industries best line, but you will want to make sure you get an edge every now and then. Which actually brings us to a great write up by our staff on Sports Betting Strategy which covers the importance of line shopping and gaining every edge against Las Vegas.

Another feature to take note of is the bet limit. This may not be of sudden interest, but as your account grows you will want to make sure you have the freedom to bet as you choose. Typically today online sports books will grant large bets within scale of your own account so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Sports Games Available

After glancing at the sports odds and lines you will also want to make sure they offer all of the activity you would like to wager on. Especially if you are looking at specific prop bets as some online sports betting websites may only offer a limited number of these plays. All of the online sports books allow you to see all of the potential bets you may place before you even signup. So navigate through the site and make sure they have what exactly you are looking for.

Live In Game Wagering

Over the past couple years live in game wagering has not only be introduced, but is almost considered a normal way of sports betting. A lot of clients only bet live in game wagers as their expertise and focus has been fully dedicated to this new way of handicapping. Not all websites will offer every game but all are now heading in that direction. This gives the sports bettor a great way to hedge or even offer a brand new line depending on situation of the game live. Be careful with in game live wagering as momentum swings can happen in a minute causing the lines to dramatically shift.

User Features and Layout

With anything that you spend a lot of time on make sure you like the interface and features offered. If the website is confusing or stresses you out when your deciding on your plays you won’t be in the proper mindset. You want to make sure you enjoy and like researching and exploring on the website since you will properly be exploring lines and odds. Make sure you can easily navigate to the proper sports your looking for and certain props directly below it. You don’t want to have to be jumping all around when you are going from game to game. Keeping yourself organized while deciding on games is more vital than you would think.

Mobile Betting Options

Well were on the subject of user interface you will want to make sure they have a great mobile site to place sports bets on the go. You will find this to be very clutch when your looking to place those last second bets out and about. With technology more advanced today than ten years ago every major online sports betting website knows the power of our mobile devices and offer a great interface in the palm of our hands.

Multiple Betting Accounts

If you haven’t read any of our other betting tips or articles, but we urge all users to have multiple online sports betting accounts. Not only for the the purpose of leveraging the best lines, but it sets you up with the best bankroll. Theirs no additional fee to having new accounts and majority of them offer very generous bonus signups. At the end of the day you want to make sure you put yourself in the best position to exceed.

VIP Perks

A lot of online sports betting websites will not only offer a deposit bonus, but even offer VIP Perks! Once you are officially signed up with multiple sports books online you will quickly notice that they offer different bonuses throughout the months or seasons. You can take advantage of each one if you are a savvy bettor. You will find this all the time in Las Vegas and should be considered as value shopping or simply using that coupon that comes in the mail like back in the day!


Online Sports Betting vs Location Betting


Let’s face it, technology has evolved rapidly over the past decade with the internet and communication in general. The sports betting world no longer hides and places bets in the shadows. Sports betting is no longer considered as highly illegal and is actually viewed in positive ways. ESPN even has dedicated segments with lines and odds running through their bottom scoreboard giving out vital betting information that was once considered the evilness of the sports world. The online sports betting market has become one of the fastest growing industries. With professional commissioners like Adam Silver of the NBA voicing to the public about being a proponent of legalize sports gambling, clearly shows times are changing.

In the past when betting on sports this would require you to physically visit the casino or call your local bookie if you were even lucky to find a trustworthy or viable person. We wanted to break down a couple key points on why todays technology has allowed us to become experts and way more savvy than in the past when it comes betting sports.

Always Physically At The Sports Book

This is obvious, but you can bet anywhere anytime now. When placing a bet in the past at a casino you would actually have to properly prepare and set time out of your already busy schedule. Let’s face it, you can now save yourself ample time by no longer having to get dressed, drive, pay to park, and wait in a line with every bettor to finally get to a window in order to place your wager. Don’t even get me started on either waiting around to collect the profits or even making a second trip. Now with reliable and trustworthy online sports betting websites you don’t have to experience any of these issues. Simply unlock your Iphone with your fingerprint and easily place your bet without cramping your hand!

Cut Outside Costs

This follows up with our previous point, but is still worth mentioning. By using the best sports betting websites you don’t have to worry about any outside expenses and can actually keep your gambling money strictly for gambling. Your not wasting money on gas and parking while placing bets or cashing in . You wouldn’t realize it but profits can be easily eaten away, literally, without even taking it into consideration every time you stop for food or drinks. So take advantage of simply placing all of your sports bets right on your computer in the comfort of your couch or even better, with no clothes on!

Won’t Miss A Bet

Why risk missing a bet you had circled on and planned on taking. Sometimes betting in person can result in some unplanned and potential problems. Maybe you had an issue with traffic, finding a parking spot, or even after you tackle those first two issues that last one may be an extremely long line to place your bet. If the game starts before you get your bet in you will be SOL. Shit. Out. Of. Luck.

At the end of the day you can see why we are big proponents using online sports betting websites. We hope this write up will help you decided on which reputable and trusted sports betting website to choose. At the end of the day we want you to win, and sometimes that means saving money and placing yourself in the best opportunity to maximize profits. Having the ability to line shop should be more than enough of a reason to start your sports betting journey online. Good luck and enjoy the ride of sports betting!