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Sports Betting in Virginia Soon to be Legal

Worldwide, according to Daily Mail, it is estimated that the sports market brings forth nearly three trillion dollars annually. The majority of that is made illegally. After a ruling by the Supreme Court in 2018 that allowed states to legalize sports betting, Virginia deemed it necessary to conduct a year-long study

Washington DC Passes Law Allowing Sports Betting

The capital has now joined Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island as states who have legalized sports gambling. I know Washington DC isn't a state, but DC has their own set of laws. The point is we're one step closer to having sports betting legalized

Sports Betting in Minnesota and Missouri

Minnesota and Missouri are some of the newer states to consider legalizing sports betting. Representative Pat Garofalo has been the strongest supporter of the sports betting bill drafted on April 2018. The bill didn't go anywhere. However, Garofalo is now trying to push for a new sports betting bill to

Colorado Sports Betting Bill Moves Forward

Lawmakers in Colorado are closer to approving and regulating sports betting. This week, the Colorado sports betting bill has been officially passed in the House Finance Committee. It’s beginning to look like this state will become the newest to begin regulating this popular form of gambling. Today, we’re going to be

Michigan Sports Betting

Is sports betting legal in Michigan? No, but legislators were on the verge of passing a bill in December 2018 that Governor Rick Snyder vetoed. Legislation will surely be proposed again in 2019. Who would oversee Michigan Sports Betting? The Michigan Gaming Control Board has oversight on almost all of the gambling

Kentucky Closes In On Sports Betting Bill

Where are things now? A group of state lawmakers is close to finalizing a bill that would bring legal sports gambling to the Bluegrass State. The bill includes mobile and online wagering throughout Kentucky, as well as gambling at brick and mortar facilities. With a hefty tax rate at 3 percent