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NCAA Basketball Betting Tips

  NCAA Basketball Betting Tips College basketball has a special place in the hearts of many. Making brackets and picking the winning teams in college basketball is an art and science. This article features some tips for picking winning teams in college...


2018 NBA MOCK DRAFT The NBA Draft is Thursday and there are a lot of good players in this year’s crop that can change life for several NBA teams. Some players stock has risen while others stock has tumbled.  The updated mock draft represents where we think these...


2018 NBA MOCK DRAFT   The NBA draft is less than three weeks away and there are a lot of good players in this year’s crop that can change life for several NBA teams. Some players stock has risen while others stock has tumbled.  The updated mock draft represents...

NBA Draft Lottery 2018

NBA LOTTERY  2018   HOPE.   Webster’s Dictionary defines hope as to desire with expectation of obtainment or fulliment, to expect with confidence.  As the NBA draft is fast approaching there are some teams that hope their luck will change in June’s draft....

Michigan Must Keep Nova At Bay From The Three Point Line

After an exhilarating Final Four victory over Loyola-Chicago, Michigan assistant coach Luke Yaklich didn’t spend too much time in the locker room celebrating or answering questions with reporters. Instead, Yaklich grabbed his courtside seat for the 2nd game of...

Can Michigan Really Win the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Ok, I will be the first to admit it. The Michigan Wolverines were nowhere near the finals in my bracket. However, here they are ready to prove to the world that they shouldn’t have been overlooked. Reasons why they can Michigan has been on an incredible run...

How Michigan Can Upset Villanova

How Michigan Can Upset Villanova If you have listened to the media and watched Villanova play you would think that the National Championship is already theirs. We do not even need to watch tonight as the Wildcats are going to be crowned champions and the only thing...

What Makes Villanova So Good?

What Makes Villanova So Good? The National Championship is finally upon us and to no surprise to a lot of people the Villanova Wildcats are one of the last two teams remaining. Their opponent the Michigan Wolverines are a little bit more of a surprise as they were not...

Free NCAA Basketball Picks

In the past, getting in depth information on what NCAA Basketball team to pick for the big game tonight was not so easy. We simply relied on sports reporters and analysts to give their take but that just is not enough when it comes to betting. This is why we created Cover The Spread 365! Our goal was to breakdown just about every game on the daily slate with enough data and analytics that any amateur bettor could make an educated decision as to where the smart money should go. You will not receive a computer generated response either. We offer in depth analysis from professional sports handicappers who take time to provide real written information on each game as well as their pick. Whether you are looking for NCAA BASKETBALL free picks and parlays or NCAA BASKETBALL free picks against the spread, we cover every game, every night!

NCAA Basketball Free Picks


Cover The Spread 365 covers the entire NCAA BASKETBALL season, game in and game out for all the way through March Madness! This is incredibly important for all you bettors because we make it our goal to educate even the most novice of sports bettors. The house never loses in the end but that doesn’t mean people don’t win. You just need to be smart and arm yourself with as much knowledge and strategy as possible. Especially when it comes to NCAA BASKETBALL picks. This is why Cover The Spread 365 hires only the most knowledgeable handicappers in the industry to provide in depth analysis of every game on the slate. This will allow you, the bettor, to approach every game with the skillful edge most bettors lack. CTS365 loves to help the average Joe when it comes to beating the Las Vegas books. We even offer FREE NCAA BASKETBALL picks, predictions, and odds so that you can test us out!

NCAA BASKETBALL Free Picks and Parlays


Our mission at Cover The Spread 365 is to provide as much information as possible into concise, easy to read articles, so that you, the bettor, can beat Las Vegas. That’s right! The odds makers in Vegas make plenty of money off of everyday bettors. We want to make a difference. At CTS365, we cover every important NCAA Basketball game on the daily schedule so that you can have a much better chance to beat the book! This is why we make it a point to assign only the most experienced sports handicappers to write for us. They work tirelessly to study each NCAA BASKETBALL game and choose not only the best games every night, but to provide the best analysis possible in order to give you, the reader, that much needed edge to defeat Las Vegas! Feel free to browse our basketball picks and see for yourself!

NCAA BASKETBALL Free Picks Against The Spread


At Cover The Spread 365, we not only want to provide as much information per NCAA BASKETBALL game as possible, but we want to make you the most educated sports bettor you can be. It is not enough to simply break down every NCAA BASKETBALL game. We also provide articles written by the very best handicappers in the industry on subjects such as betting strategies and different styles of betting. See, one thing is to know sports inside and out. It is a whole other thing to understand how to beat Las Vegas and the odds makers. They are two different animals. At CTS365, it is our goal to educate the reader and give them that fighting chance against the Goliath known as Las Vegas. Believe us, it can be done. Our handicappers spend countless hours doing all the research and putting the data into concise, easy to read articles. Each article can be read in minutes allowing you the time to go through many games per day. Feel free to browse through our FREE NCAA BASKETBALL picks, predictions, and odds articles and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed! 

NCAA BASKETBALL Free Picks Tonight


When it comes to Free NCAA BASKETBALL pick, predictions, and odds, look no further than Cover The Spread 365 for your daily dose. We offer the most in depth analysis of every important NCAA BASKETBALL game on the daily schedule in easy to read articles. The reason we did it this way is because we know how busy your everyday life is. We understand you cannot spend all day researching all the NCAA BASKETBALL games on tap. That is why our handicappers extraordinaire do all the legwork for you. Our writers spend all day, every day researching all the important NCAA BASKETBALL games so that we can share our analysis in short, easy to read articles. This will allow you to educate yourself in just minutes! Remember, if you do not win, we do not win. At Cover The Spread 365, we want to equip you with the necessary tools to defeat Las Vegas and the odds makers. We hope you enjoy the daily work our expert staff provides on our NCAA free picks.



At Cover The Spread 365, we offer our Premium Expert Picks package for all NCAA BASKETBALL games directly from our top handicapper. If you are looking to turn this sports betting hobby into investing, this would be the path for you. As we have mentioned, our purpose at CTS365 is to educate and better prepare you, the reader, to defeat Las Vegas and their odds makers. It is not an easy task but when our TOP producing handicapper does all the research for you and hand selects the absolute best possible games of the day, believe us you have the upper hand. Cover The Spread 365 also offers daily packages for all NCAA BASKETBALL picks, predictions, and odds which allows you to test us out for yourself. Stop wasting your time on fake handicappers. They fill your head with false promises and never deliver. Test us out here at Cover The Spread 365 and we GUARANTEE you will be satisfied. Also, keep an eye out for fans wearing our CTS365 gear at NCAA BASKETBALL arenas near you! We thank each and every one of you for the support.