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NCAA BB Free Pick Top Five Ways to Spot Upsets in NCAA Men’s Basketball

NCAA BB Free Pick Top Five Ways to Spot Upsets in NCAA Men’s Basketball

Are you tired of seeing your March Madness bracket bust year after year due to an upset? If so, we are here to give you a leg up on the competition by providing you with some tips you can use to predict some of those upsets. That way, you can bet smarter, not harder, on your favorite college basketball teams.

#1. Where The Game Is Played

Perhaps the most obvious factor when placing your bets, especially when it comes to college basketball, is the location of the game. For young players, performing in front of their home crowd means everything. When they have to travel to other schools for games or tournaments, the lack of support from their home crowd can play a pivotal role. Players also have to sleep in hotels, take long flights, and go outside their normal routine constantly. This disruption can wreak havoc on a team, so it’s important to pay attention to where the game is being played.

#2. Conference Games

When you play a team over and over again, you become accustomed to their offensive and defensive tactics. Moreover, the more you play a team, the more knowledge you gain. Since many students decide to attend the university closest to their homes, recruiters are more than likely scouting players from the same areas, which means they have even more intimate knowledge of them before they even step foot on a court. All of this combined makes upsets easier year after year for teams within the same conference.

#3. High Scoring Offenses

When you’re looking at which sports team to pick on any given day, one of the first stats you probably look at is their offensive numbers. That’s good! It means you’re paying attention. Any team that has the ability to score a high number of points almost every game has a chance to upset some of the elite teams. Every year, there are those handful of teams that shoot more three pointers than field goals and drop close to one hundred points on a consistent basis. Putting up big offensive numbers oftentimes leads to a poor defensive effort, but it does not mean these teams cannot win games, especially when given the chance. Make sure you choose the team that is familiar with hearing the swooshing sound every time they put up a shot.

#4. Great Coaches

Coaches are what make many of these college basketball programs so successful. Sure, players win games, but eventually they graduate and the coaches are the ones that have to mold a whole new team. Hall of fame coaches know how to win consistently, making their teams a threat every season. There will no doubt be some down years mixed in with the good, but you can bet that they will find a way to win. If you see a team led by a coach with the same caliber as Mike Kryzewski, Pat Summit, Chuck Daly, Bobby Leonard, or Bill Self, the odds will undoubtedly be in your favor.

#5. Small Conference Teams

You should never count out those cinderella teams. You know, the ones that come from a lower conference yet somehow manage to find themselves in a top spot in NCAA tournament? Teams like Loyola-Chicago and Davidson win the majority of their games every year, but are seeded much lower in the March tournament compared to the big conference teams. This is where you see these teams knock off middle of the pack teams all the time. Whenever you see those high win percentage teams going up against some big conference teams, make sure to pencil in that lesser know team into your next bracket.

Five Ways to Spot Upsets in NCAA Men’s Basketball

There you have it! The above are five tips you can use the next time you’re looking to bet on a college basketball team. Remember, a team can posses one of these factors on any given day. They can be well coached, have a high-scoring offense, be a part of a lower conference, and still have home court advantage. If you find a team with all of these qualities, they are in a prime position for an upset!