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2019 Heisman Trophy Odds, Free Expert NCAAF Picks and Odds

Latest Heisman Betting Odds

With the season just starting we revisit Heisman trophy odds and see where to find the best value. Will former Alabama QB Jalen Hurts bring home the third straight Heisman trophy to Oklahoma? Will Tua Tagovailoa or Trevor Lawrence run away with sought after award? Or maybe we see a long shot pull a huge upset with a stat-filled year nobody was expecting? No matter what, we will be in for quite the show though as we have a lot of talent competing for the highest college football honor this year.

Tua Tagovailoa (QB Alabama)(+250)

Well we all saw this one coming. Tua was one of the most electric QB’s in 2018 and put up some insane stats. He threw for just under 4,000 yards on a 69% completion rating and had 37 TD’s through the air. All of that was almost exclusively done in the first three quarters of his games as well. Tua led Bama to the third best NCAA offense in the 2018 season, only falling behind Oklahoma and Clemson. With this potentially being Tagovailoa’s final season at Alabama he will be looking to pad his stats even more before going pro, which should be no problem with the current schedule ahead of him. As long as Tua can protect himself and stay healthy, he will definitely stay amongst the finalists for this coveted award come December 2019.

Trevor Lawrence (QB Clemson)(+275)

Many see Trevor Lawrence as the favorite to win the Heisman this year, but Odds Shark has him ranked second at almost 3 to 1. Lawerence’s stats were not as impressive as Tua’s, but he was also not Clemson’s starter the first four games of 2018. He led Clemson to the second spot for Offensive production in his three-quarter season, and he would've been on pace to have almost as productive a year as Tua if he would've had those four extra games. With a national championship and some more confidence under his belt, Trevor Lawrence will definitely be someone to keep an eye on for the Heisman over the coming months.

Justin Fields (QB Ohio State)(+900)

The sophomore transfer from Georgia is looking to make a splash with Ohio state this year at the QB position. He was the number two player in the 2018 class (only behind Trevor Lawrence) but did not get too much playing time throughout his freshman season. He was playing behind Jake Fromm, so as soon as Fromm announced he was returning for his junior season Fields knew he needed to transfer. He only threw the ball 39 times and paired that with 42 rush attempts, yet still managed to score four times through the air and four times rushing. His athleticism is the perfect complement for Ryan Day’s offense that is loaded with weapons, but will it be enough to propel Fields to the top of the Heisman trophy list by year end?

Jalen Hurts (QB Oklahoma)(+1000)

I think this may be the most interesting story for this years Heisman race. For those of you who don’t know, Jalen Hurts was Alabama’s starting QB in both his freshman and sophomore seasons (2016/2017) and played out of his mind in those two years. He eventually lost that starting role to Tua Tagovailoa, but in those two years Hurts accounted for 4,700 passing yards, 1,800 rushing yards, and 61 total TD’s. Even though it is highly unlikely we see a Sooner win the Heisman for a third straight year (which has never happened by the way), Hurts will have the explosive offense he needs to put up Heisman-like numbers in his 2019 campaign.

Adrian Martinez (QB Nebraska)(+1100)

This sophomore is looking to improve upon his freshman season and is poised to do so. His team went 4-8 last year while he was at the helm, but he suffered an injury in week 3 when a Colorado player looked to have twisted Martinez's leg after tackling the QB. Once he returned he put up some impressive numbers and took home four of their last six, with the only losses being Iowa and Ohio State (and they almost upset them both). His stats aren’t as impressive as our top four candidates (3,300 Total yards, 35 Total TD’s), but they are very deserving of the fifth spot in this years pre-season Heisman rankings. With a year under his belt and his leg back to 100%, Martinez should be able to put up some great numbers for Scott Frost and the Cornhuskers this season.

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