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#21 Michigan State Spartans vs Central Michigan Chippewas 09-29-18 FREE NCAA Football Pick, Prediction, and Odds

#21 Michigan State Spartans (2-1) at Central Michigan Chippewas (1-3)

NCAA Football: Saturday September 29th 2018 at 12:00 PM EDT (Kelly Shorts Stadium)

Line & Odds: Michigan State Spartans -28

Over/Under: 44.5

FREE NCAA FOOTBALL PICK: #21 Michigan State Spartans vs Central Michigan Chippewas

Saturday will be an interesting football game between the #21 Michigan State Spartans and the Central Michigan Chippewas because these two teams are polar opposites with scoring. So far this season, the Spartans have showed that they can get a decent amount of scoring in their games, but they really haven’t had a dominating win yet. By now, most ranked teams should have at least one blowout win or at least a feel good win. Michigan State’s feel good win came last week, when they beat the Indiana Hoosiers 35-21 at home. This was their feel good win because it made up for their home opener 16-13 loss to the sneaky, Arizona State Sun Devils, who might be a dark horse team this season for a lot of match ups. Meanwhile, the Chippewas haven’t showed much scoring this season, but have somehow been in a few close games. Central Michigan hasn’t scored more than two touchdowns in any of their first four games and that will need to change this weekend, if they expect to have a chance in this game. The Chippewas are coming off their first win of the season, beating the Maine Black Bears 17-5, and they will look to bring that victory confidence this weekend. The quarterbacks for this game are Brian Lewerke vs Tommy Lazzaro.

The Michigan State Spartans are already in the tough Big10 Conference that has ranked teams, Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State. The Spartans unexpected loss to the Sun Devils in week two, definitely lowered the teams confidence a bit in trying to match up with those three ranked teams in front of them. Even late in the season, the Spartans might have to worry about the Maryland Terrapins who are 3-1 so far and had an upset win on the road against the #18 Texas Longhorns in week two. So, the Spartans really need to show that they can get their offense in the 40 plus points area because in a few weeks, they will be playing Penn State and Michigan. Michigan State is about to face a Central Michigan team that kicks a lot of field goals, hardly gets in the endzone, and gives up a numerous amount of touchdowns. Besides that Arizona State loss, the Spartans score consistently throughout the game, but the scores have been close at halftime. This week, they need to get a three touchdown lead at the half, continue the scoring trend in the second half, and keep the defense solid throughout the game. Michigan State’s defense has been flat in the fourth quarter and has made games closer than they needed to be. They should have a solid, blowout win, if they fix these issues. Brian Lewerke has shown a few times he can get around 300 passing yards a game and get his team a couple touchdown passes. However, Lewerke has thrown at least one interception each game and maybe this weekend, he can stay off the turnover statistics.

The Central Michigan Chippewas are off to a slow start this season and the issue is their offense. Last season, the Chippewas were able to get the touchdowns flowing early and often, in the early season games. However, so far this season, the team has relied more on their field goal kickers Ryan Tice and Michael Armstrong, instead of their quarterback Tommy Lazzaro. Now, it is okay to have a third of your scoring come from kicking, but you can’t rely on it all the time. This team finished second in the average MAC West and even got a Bowl game last season. The Chippewas found it’s scoring against the conference, scored 30-40 plus points a game, and had some solid wins. It will be tough for Central Michigan to get their offense going this week against the Spartans, but they can at least try to be in the game at the half. The Chippewas have been able to get some scoring in the first half, but find it hard to get the offense going in the second half. The defense has been okay for the most part and might be able to contain Michigan State a little bit. Tommy Lazzaro has been good at rushing sometimes, but needs to get those passing yards up. Getting around 100 yards or so, with a few touchdowns and interceptions won’t cut it. Lazzaro had his first full game as a starter last week after the team stopped using quarterback Tony Poljan. He balanced his arm and rushing ability to get up the field, but needs to double those efforts against the Spartans. They can also try to get Jonathan Ward going in the rushing game. Ward has had one good game of 74 yards of rushing, but most of the time the quarterbacks lead in that category for the game. Finally, if any receiver can help out with the scoring, then start finding a way to get it done.

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Cover the Spread 365

So, we have a Spartans team that needs to get a feel good offense going and then they can be ready for the powerhouse teams that they will be facing soon. The Chippewas will try to copy the performance they had against #17 Kentucky Wildcats. In that game, Central Michigan was down 21-20 at the half, went on to get shutout in the second half, and lose 35-20. Now, if the Chippewas might be able to be in the game early, since Michigan State likes to get some scoring in the first half. Central Michigan has a chance if the Spartans continue to have a bad fourth quarter on defense and the Chippewas actually score in the second half with touchdowns instead of field goals. Most likely, Michigan State will get a lot of touchdowns and Central Michigan will do some scoring throughout the game. Spartans win 38-17 and will be under the spread.

Pick: Michigan State Spartans Under 28