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Alabama vs. Oklahoma

#4 Oklahoma Sooners (12-1) vs #1 Alabama Crimson Tide (13-0)

NCAA Football: Saturday December 29th 2018 at 8:00 PM EDT (Hard Rock Stadium)

Line and Odds: Alabama Crimson Tide -14

Over/Under: 76.5

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Welcome to the Orange Bowl and the college football playoff. This will be a high scoring showdown, between two of college footballs best offensive teams. The Sooners have won seven straight games and they usually score around 40 plus points a game. Oklahoma comes from the somewhat tough BIG-12 Conference. The Sooners just beat the #15 Texas Longhorns 39-27 and captured their 12th conference title in school history. Meanwhile, after having blowout wins all season, the Crimson Tide got another scare from the #5 Georgia Bulldogs. Alabama was down a touchdown, going into the fourth quarter and starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa went down with an injury. Jalen Hurts came off the bench and showed his old clutch self, as the team quickly tied the game, and took the lead late to shock Georgia again, and win the SEC title. Now Alabama was pumped about the win, but now it’s time to play for the real trophy. Saturday’s quarterbacks are Kyler Murray vs Tua Tagovailoa.

The Oklahoma Sooners have been incredible this season and it’s all thanks to their Heisman quarterback Kyler Murray. This guy has led this team to incredible scoring numbers and now a spot in the college football playoff. This team has to be feeling good having the best quarterback going against the powerhouse Alabama. Now despite all the offense this team puts up, they still managed to have five close games this year because of the defense not coming through. In four of their last five games, the Sooners defense has allowed 40 plus points. This will be a big problem for Oklahoma if they can’t match the Crimson Tide offense because Alabama’s defense will be shutting them down sometimes. On a positive note for the Oklahoma defense, they were able to shut down Texas in the fourth quarter of the Conference Title game and this help the Sooners to victory. Murray did husband part on offense by going 25/34, with 379 passing yards, and three touchdown passes. CeeDee Lamb had a big game, with 167 yards total, on only six receptions. Oklahoma has showed toughness and the ability to finish strong in some of the close games they had this year. They will need a strong finish in this game to pull off the upset.

The Alabama Crimson Tide are just an amazing football team. For a decade, they continue to contend for the National Title and set the bar high on what champions look like in college football. Most of their games this year were absolute shellackings, four were shutouts, and some were just hard fought wins. This team is up for any challenge and they know how to persevere because they have been here before. The Crimson Tide showed that they didn’t need to panic when the Georgia defense was all over them. Instead they did what champions always do and that’s find a way to win. Tua Tagovailoa had the worst game of the season against the Bulldogs, but you can expect him to have a 300 plus yard game and multiple touchdown passes. If he isn’t on, then Head Coach Nick Saban won’t hesitate to put in Jalen Hurts. From there, this team will battle hard and match whatever the Sooners throw at them. Alabama just needs to get a good flow going early and then take care of business in the second half.

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So, who will win the Orange Bowl and move onto to the National Title game? Both these quarterbacks are amazing and Murray is just slightly better. Alabama has the better defense and that can play a big factor in this game when it comes to stopping the Sooners juggernaut offense. If it comes down to the wire, Alabama’s experience and clutchness, will be the difference maker. The little things will go a long way in this game and the Crimson Tide will be ready to execute on those. Alabama wins 42-34, but fails to cover the large number.

Pick: Oklahoma +14