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Alabama Crimson Tide 2019 Win Total Prediction

It’s that time year where it’s just baseball and golf going on. The sports world is kind of on a mini vacation for a bit and of course, so is college athletics. Well, at least the College World Series is still going on. Anyway, before you know it, college football will be back and once again, Alabama and Clemson will be the top dogs in the rankings. In fact, Alabama and Clemson are 1 and 2 in the early college rankings. It’s funny that Alabama is still ranked first after losing to Clemson 44-16, in last years title game. It just seems to go back and forth in wins when these two teams play each other and that will probably be the case this season. Now the real question is what will Alabama’s win total be in the regular season?

The Crimson Tides win total prediction is at 11. The Over is +100 and the Under is -121. Alabama has been undefeated in two of the last four regular seasons. They haven’t lost more than two games in a regular season and playoffs since 2010. In the last few seasons, most of their games have looked like practice sessions with how much they dominate on both sides of the field. The only two games on the 2019 schedule that standout as possible interesting and close games are against Texas A&M on the road and at home against LSU.

Alabama usually goes undefeated at home and hasn’t lost at home since losing to Ole Miss Rebels in 2015. So there is half the win total right there. Now on the road, the Crimson Tide can actually get a little careless on defense or completely shut the opponent out. Again, this year the scoring will be around 50 points or so for most games and they will hardly give up anything. There might be one close game in there, but it looks like another undefeated season for Bama.

Pick: Over 11 Wins