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NCAAF: 2019 SEC Power Rankings

2019 NCAAF SEC Rankings

2019-2020 NCAA Football Season

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The SEC is the most dominant conference in college football. With a conference filled with NFL prospects, it is time to break down where the teams in the SEC rank in terms of power and skill amongst each other.

14. Arkansas

There isn’t much to say about a team that ranks last in the best conference in the country. Arkansas had a somewhat a solid recruiting class over this past season ranking 16th in the country, and with a lack of skill already on the team, these recruits will see the field rather early for the Razorbacks. Arkansas missed out on the Kelly Bryant sweepstakes when he entered the transfer portal, but there is still optimism when looking at their offense. With such a young team, it is very possible that Arkansas can make strides in the right direction, but by being a member of the SEC, they will likely finish towards the bottom of the conference.

13. Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt is going to be off to a rough start this season. They open the season playing 2 top 15 teams in the first 3 weeks. They open at home against Georgia then play LSU at home as well in week 3, but play a road game against Purdue in-between. Failing to maximize home victories is so crucial in such a good conference that slipping up even 1 game can result in a major set back. Ranking second to last on the defensive side last season will not fare well entering the season when making little improvements, if any across that side of the ball.

12. Ole Miss

Ole Miss is bringing in new defensive coordinator Mike MacIntyre. MacIntyre intends on switching the defensive scheme into a 3-4 look. In any other conference this could be a good thing and could be useful to the team, but playing in the SEC where offenses can light up bad defenses, MacIntyre is taking a huge risk if his players don’t master the defense within the first few weeks of practice. As for the receivers, Ole Miss isn’t going to be in total shambles after losing D.K. Metcalf, A.J. Brown, and DaMarcus Lodge. With Metcalf and Brown headlining the first 2 rounds of the draft, it is understood that Ole Miss can produce wide outs. Returning players will look to pick up where these guys left off and help bring Ole Miss to a strong offensive season behind quarterback Matt Corral.

11. Kentucky

Kentucky sent one of their few players to the draft last year. Former SEC Defensive Player of the Year Josh Allen, was looked at as a top 10 NFL prospect. To say he is not a reason in Kentucky’s recent success would just be a lie. Allen helped out drastically on the defensive end, and for a Kentucky team who had one of their better seasons last year, nobody is giving them the credit or expectations to repeat the process. Wildcats’ starting quarterback Terry Wilson will have to make a major improvement with his passing yards. Ranking 14th with only 145 yards per game will not suffice in such a QB strong conference.

10. South Carolina

By playing the AP top 3 in Alabama, Georgia, and Clemson, Will Muschamp knows his team is already fighting an uphill battle. South Carolina is going to go through a long stretch in the middle of the season where they may appear as underdogs in every home game. Losing home games with the home crowd just creates a recipe for disaster. Jake Bently who is the senior quarterback, will need to utilize his receiving corps, who by all means is not a bad trio. He has had 3 years of experience and needs to be able to let the experience speak for him on the field and improve his play drastically for South Carolina to have a chance against some of the hardest matchups in the country this year.

9. Tennessee

The Volunteers upgraded their line after failing to protect their quarterback last year. The first thing a football coach teaches is that “Games are won and lost in the trenches” and by not protecting the playmaker, Tennessee set themselves up for a hard battle. Between the fourth game and eighth, Tennessee’s season will be decided. They matchup against Alabama, Florida, Mississippi State, and Georgia. If they can pull out maybe 1 win in that span then they will be on the be able to perhaps get a bowl game this season. If The Vol’s can keep Guarantano safe in the backfield, this season will not end in turmoil and perhaps have some upside.

8. Missouri

Missouri is now one of the more interesting teams in the SEC. By winning the Kelly Bryant sweepstakes, they have a quarterback who has the potential to get to the playoffs, but if he does not have the supporting cast, this job will be a lot harder than expected. Bryant is not a bad quarterback. He was simply outplayed by Trever Lawrence, who will go on to be possibly the #1 overall pick in the draft when he declares. The schedule this year is on Missouri’s side. They do not see a ranked opponent for the first 8 weeks of the season. Hoping that they can rally off wins throughout that course, Missouri can put themselves in an interesting situation where they have an impressive record, but against bad teams. Of course they will be tested towards the end of the season, and that is where they will see how good Bryant really is and how far he can take them.

SEC Power Rankings 2019 NCAAF

7. Mississippi State

Mississippi State’s quarterback position just got interesting. Tommy Stevens transferred over from Penn State and is back with his old coordinator. Keytoan Thompson was extremely underwhelming and inconsistent last year which hurt the team. Incoming freshman Jalen Mayden will also be in the running for the quarterback role. If Thompson’s consistency doesn’t improve and it results in early losses, expect the team to look in another direction whether it be Stevens or Mayden to get them back on track. Mississippi State has the potential to finish in the top half of the SEC if they can maintain a strong run game in which they displayed last year.


Auburn is known for their stellar defense. Auburn shows dominance on the defensive line and is in the upper tier of the SEC when it comes to how good their line actually is. The Tigers are also bringing back all 5 starters on the offensive end which is a huge advantage because it provides the chemistry the line needs along with experience. By being able to dominate on the offensive and defensive side of the ball, the Tigers are set up for another run at a successful season under coach Gus Malzahn. With a defense led by NFL prospect Derrick Brown, Auburn is set to make some noise in the SEC this upcoming season, ranking them in the upper half.

5. Texas A&M

When talking about the SEC A&M is never looked at as great nor bad. They are always rank within the middle of the pack regardless of the schedule they are given. A&M plays Clemson in their second game which would be huge if they could knock off the defending champs. Jimbo Fisher had a successful first season as the A&M coach and with his given track record, he can keep up the tempo and continue winning into this next season. The Aggies are returning 3 receivers, 4 offensive lineman, and quarterback Kellen Mood, who all started last year. With Fisher already building confidence and chemistry within the team, and having the 2nd best recruiting class in the SEC, the Aggies can look to improve on their already impressive start to the Fisher era.

4. Florida

The Gators enter the 4 spot this year even though they could easily be 3. Florida had an impressive home win over LSU last year, although losing 4 starters on the offensive line can be a big obstacle to overcome. Florida has a solid defense that may be able to make up for the offensive loss. At one of the best defensive back duos in the country, CJ Henderson and Marco Wilson are returning for another year of Gator football after coming off an impressive 2018 season. Florida is a good team this year that can hang with the best. If Georgia will have a hard time in their division, it will be because of the Gators.

3. LSU

Ed Orgeron got LSU off on the right foot last season, but until they find a way to beat Alabama they will always be just great and nothing more. Losing Devin White and Greedy Williams to the NFL is a huge loss for the defensive side of the ball, but great teams always find a way to keep going. Joe Burrow is going to need to have a big season this year. He did not have any stand out stats last year, but with the loss of Nick Brossette, a run heavy school will finally need to rely on their quarterback. With the 4th best recruitment ranking in the SEC, LSU needs to rely heavily on their veteran players if they want to make a run at a national title this year. But in order to do that, Orgeron must get passed Alabama.

2. Georgia

Georgia has everything in a championship team. Jake Fromm is easily one of the best quarterbacks in the country. He is an NFL ready QB and showed it throughout all of last season. Georgia has stellar running backs. D’Andre Swift is prepared to put the country on Heisman watch as he gets ready for what is his final year before the NFL draft. Georgia’s defense is usually good, but losing half their starters puts them at a disadvantage when battling against defensive studs such as Alabama and Clemson. On the offensive end of the ball, Georgia has what it takes to win a national title and if their defense can figure it out quickly, then do not be shocked to see the Bulldogs battling it out in the playoffs this upcoming season.


Nick Saban has turned this team into a dynasty. Going to the championship almost every year, sending countless names to the NFL, and dominating the SEC year in and year out. Saban is the best coach and recruiter in college football and his career at Alabama proves it. With Tua returning as the team’s signal caller, Alabama is fully expected to make another run at a national title. The only way Alabama’s season would be considered a failure is if they lose in the playoffs.

Saban has recruited one of his best classes yet, and with Tua being the most talented quarterback Saban ever coached, they are due for an even more impressive year than last year. Saban has 5 national championships since he started at Alabama in 2009. This team is always expected to be good, but this upcoming season may be one of their best yet. If Tua displays his NFL talents and gets in a grove early in the season, the Crimson Tide should have no problem cruising back to the playoffs.