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NCAAF: 2019 ACC Quarterback Rankings

NCCA Football 2019-2020 Season

Cover the Spread 365 NCAAF 2019-2020 ACC QB Rankings

With the college football season slowly sneaking up upon us, it is time to look at where the quarterbacks rank amongst the conference.

14. Tobias Oliver, Georgia Tech

As of now, it is assumed that Oliver is getting the green light for the starting position when the season comes around, but that does not mean James Graham or Lucas Johnson will come gunning for his spot. With Georgia Tech under a new head coach Geoff Collins, there is no telling what the offense will look like in the opening week, but one thing is for certain, the QB depth chart lacks experience. The 3 combined for a total of 17 passes. These quarterbacks are run first and Collins fully intends to use that to his advantage in his RPO system. It is possible for Oliver to have success in this system simply from looking at his rushing stats from last season where he logged 876 yards off 152 carries, along with 12 touchdowns. Oliver has potential to play well this upcoming season, but with such a poor supporting cast and overall team, it will be hard for him to post any eye popping stat lines.

13. Sam Howell, North Carolina

Again just like the Georgia Tech situation, as of now Howell has the nod to be the signal caller during week 1 of the college football season, but his competition is closely behind. It would not be shocking if Cade Fortin or Jace Ruder took the starting position from Howell. Fortin and Ruder both have game experience, but with Howell being somebody personally had his eyes on when recruiting, it will take more than just Howell posting low numbers to take the starting spot from him. Ruder played snaps against Georgia Tech and Fortin played in multiple games last season. The QB situation is a crap shoot at this point, but because Brown is pulling for Howell, as of now it is his job to lose.

12. Quentin Harris, Duke

To start, no Quentin Harris is not Daniel Jones, but the bright side is with Jones gone, they still have a QB with some experienced. Harris made an appearance in 22 games during his time at Duke. Harris proved he has good mobility last season by averaging 4.2 YPC. In his short stint as a starter to the injured Daniel Jones, Harris won both games and posted impressive stat lines by throwing for an over 50% competition percentage. One reason Harris is ranked so high is not because of his individual skill set, but because of the lack of experienced wide outs which will certainly hurt his numbers. Harris may have to use his feet more than expected and create plays to keep that completion percentage over 50, but as long as he does not get hurt, the starting job is his.

11. Jawon Pass, Louisville

Louisville hasn’t really had any quarterback chatter since Teddy Bridgewater, and unfortunately there is a possibility that it will remain that way this year. With Jawon Pass under first year head coach Scott Satterfield, the offense is already at an advantage over last year’s. Pass has the ability to put up numbers this year with an offensive minded coach running the show, but it may not seem to flow as expected and that is where the team, and Pass could run into problems. In Jawon’s first year as a starter the offense was ran so poorly that freshman Malik Cunningham had to take over. With this being said, it is a fresh start for the team from a horrific season and as of now the starter is Jawon Pass, but if he struggles again, do not be shocked if Satterfield brings in Cunningham right away.

10. Matt McKay, NC State

This is a rare occasion where it is assumed that McKay is the starter only because he played backup last year for NC State. This QB battle between McKay, Florida State transfer, Hockman, and 2 freshmen, Leary and Evans will certainly go into the fall and perhaps even until a few weeks before the season officially kicks off. To be clear, it is hard to follow up a strong scoring season averaging 33.8 PPG when most of your offensive weapons depart, but McKay will have to find a way to do so rather quickly. If he fails to take advantage of his opportunity, head coach Doeren knows he has made too much progress over the past few years and will make the QB change before the team regresses.

9. N’Kosi Perry, Miami

Perry is under a ton of pressure right now. Going into week 1 as the starter for the moment, Perry has OSU transfer Tate Martell right behind him to take the starting role. Martell redshirted at Ohio State then was granted his waiver to allow him to play immediately. With a somewhat slightly below average stat line from last season, it is clear that Perry has little room for error, but a ton of room for improvement. If he can improve as a whole, he will retain the starting nod throughout the season, but if he throws another 6 picks to only 13 touchdowns, look for a sudden change under center.

8. Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh

Pickett played well last year in a run first offense. With the addition of Mark Whipple, who will be calling plays on the offensive end, it is assumed that Pickett’s development will show drastic improvement throughout the course of the season. Not afraid to throw the deep ball, Pickett had 11 completions of 40+ yards last season. Bringing back a receiving corps helps more than somebody can imagine in this situation, especially when Pickett got starter experience last year throwing to mostly the same guys. With losing 1,000 yard rushers along with 4 starting offensive linemen, Pickett will be found throwing the ball a lot more this season and the team will shift to a pass first offense. With one of the more explosive offenses in the conference, Pickett’s ceiling with his new OC has just went up while realizing how hard it is to replace 4 of 5 starters on the line can make it hard to put up solid numbers.

Ranking ACC Quarterbacks 2019

7. Anthony Brown, Boston College

Anthony Brown is returning for his junior season at BC. After a bounce back season from injury last year, Brown will look to really develop his game next to returning back AJ Dillion who surpassed the 1,000 yard mark last year. Dillion should make Brown’s job easier by making teams prepare for the run but Brown will have to really showcase his skills this upcoming season if he plans to bring Boston College over the 7 win hump, which they failed to overcome over the last few seasons.

6. Jaime Newman, Wake Forest

As of now Wake Forest does not have an actual quarterback that they named the starter, but the team has 2 players that are capable of filling that role. Sam Hartman and Jaime Newman are both solid options for the team at quarterback. As of now, Newman is considered to be the starter for the opening game because of what he showcased during his short stint last year when Hartman was injured for the season. If Newman loses the starting job to Hartman, the team will not miss a beat and that is why they are in the upper half of the rankings. Having a team with 2 players that are capable of starting takes a lot less stress off of an offense.

5. James Blackman, Florida State

With the departure of Francois, James Blackman is now the man in charge. Bouncing off of a season with a losing record for the first time since 1976, FSU quarterback James Blackman, will likely make last year a forgettable season. Willie Taggart, now entering his second year as head coach, can build on what was one of the worst offensive lines in recent memory. With the assumptions that the offensive line can only develop or improve, so can Blackman. Blackman posted an impressive stat line in his 2017 campaign posting 2,230 yards along with 19 touchdowns. Last year Blackman showed another glimpse of what he could do against Boston College in his best out of the 4 games he played. He put up 400+ yards with 4 touchdowns in a loss. With the offensive line only being able to move upwards, Blackman should have a respectable season as FSU’s signal caller.

4. Ryan Willis, Virginia Tech

The Virginia Tech receiving corps is a big reason Willis is being ranked so high. Willis who originally transferred from Kansas, posted games with great passer ratings some weeks, to horrifying numbers in other weeks. With inconsistency like that it is hard to judge how well a player will be able to perform. With experience that Willis already has under his belt, and an experienced receiving corps, Willis should be able to improve his completion percentage this year which sat at 59% last season. There are other quarterbacks who could take the job from Willis, but unless he posts multiple games with a sub 100 passer rating, the job will be his to keep.

3. Tommy DeVito, Syracuse

Syracuse is a team that is more often than not, just stuck in the middle of the pack so their quarterback play does not get truly noticed. As a 4-star prospect, DeVito redshirted in his first season. Eventually he got his time to play and had his scares along with glimpses of greatness. DeVito diced FSU and UNC with a 62.8% completion percentage while getting abused by Notre Dame with a 45% completion percentage. DeVito had his ups and downs throughout last season, but besides one, what ACC quarterback didn’t? Now DeVito finally gets to take on an entire season with a solid offense and showcase why he was one of the more decorated 4-star recruits in 2017.

2. Bryce Perkins, Virginia

Perkins returns for another college season at Virginia after bouncing around early in his career. Along with a now experienced set of offensive weapons, Perkins looks to add to a decent career at the quarterback position. In a team lacking explosiveness, Perkins made up for it by rushing for over 1,200 yards last season. Perkins is not going to shock you with his passing yards, but if needed with a solid group of guys, he can potentially rack up some solid games. The run ability of Perkins puts him above most in the conference, but if he can maintain his rushing totals from last season along with improving his passing yards, Bryce Perkins will be a known name in the ACC.

1.Trevor Lawrence, Clemson

Trevor Lawrence already displayed why he is the best quarterback in the ACC, maybe the country. Being a freshman last year and taking the starting position from Bryant was a huge step and caused some confusion amongst NCAAF fans. That confusion did not last long when Lawrence came in blazing hot and remained that way for the entire season. If not the top, he will be one of the top prospects entering the NFL draft when his time in Clemson is over. Lawrence had over 3,000 yards last year to go with 30 touchdowns and an amazing 65.2% completion percentage and a national championship. His performances throughout late last season were impressive and his ability to remain in the pocket showed why he is NFL ready at such a young age. At this point, it is understood that the sky is limit for Clemson’s star who can only get better.