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Duke Blue Devils 2019 Win Total, Free CFB Pick, Prediction and Odds

College Football Duke Blue Devils 2019 Win Total

Line and Odds: Over 6.5 wins +200, Under 6.5 wins -260

Free College Football Pick Duke Blue Devils 2019 Win Total

Unlike their college basketball counterparts, football’s version of the Duke Blue Devils has never been known as a college football powerhouse. They have spent many years in the bottom half of the ACC rankings. Indeed, they have only reached 10 wins just once in the past ten years. However, in the past couple years they are on the upswing. It was under coach David Cutcliffe that they were able to reach that 10-4 mark in 2013 and compete in the Chik-Fil-A Bowl. Since then, Duke’s football program has gone 9-5, 8-4, 4-8, 7-6 and 8-5 respectively. Needless to say, it should be interesting to see where Duke ends up this year.

Under 6.5 wins: -260

Even though the Duke Blue Devils are a college football team that is on the upswing, there are a few things that might be cause for concern. The most glaring situation would be the fact that the Blue Devils have just lost their star quarterback Daniel Jones to the “New York Football Giants” as ESPN’s Chris Berman used to say. Are they going to be able to continue their winning ways with a different quarterback? Only time will tell.

Over 6.5 wins: +200

On the other hand, you definitely don’t get a program at the level simply by relying on just one player alone. One of the main reasons why Duke’s football program is doing much better than it used to rested squarely on the shoulders of coach David Cutcliffe. Indeed, some commentators have said that the team has succeeded despite their quarterbacks, especially considering the fact that most of them have posted a less-than-stellar rating and Daniel Jones was actually the first Duke quarterback to be taken in the NFL Draft’s top 10 since 1987. However, even though Jones is now gone, the run game was also stellar and it is returning all four of their position players plus their linemen.

Duke Blue Devils 2019 Schedule

Free CFB Prediction Duke Blue Devils Win Total

While Jones is a bit of a loss for the Blue Devils, many pundits were surprised that the Giants took him at number 6. When he was good, he was really good, but when he was bad, he was really bad. Thus, the loss of Jones may not be quite as daunting as some might think. Considering how good of a coach Cutcliffe is, and considering the running game is still intact, I’m going with the plus money here. Heck, Duke might even make another bowl appearance.

Pick: Over 6.5: +200