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National Championship: Prop Bets for Alabama vs Clemson

Prop Bets for Alabama vs Clemson

The almost inevitable rematch that we all expected is finally here: Alabama vs. Clemson. This match-up promises to be even more exciting than the first go-round. The Crimson Tide possess arguably possess the most dynamic offense they’ve ever had under Saban with a bona-fide elite quarterback in Tua Tagoavoila paired with an expectedly stellar defensive unit. While Clemson’s high powered offense is led by true freshman sensation Trevor Lawrence and quite possible the best running back in college football in Travis Etienne (who is averaging a whopping 8.3 yards per carry).

Both teams have incredible talent on both sides of the ball which always leads to some great prop picks. So without further ado..

Who Scores First?

Clemson +120

Alabama -150

I could see this easily coming down to who gets the ball first. Regardless, I still lean Alabama here since Trevor Lawrence will probably feel the pressure early in the game and will take time to adjust to the magnitude of the moment. I also expect Saban to turn Tua loose from the get-go and I wouldn’t be surprised if Alabama took a couple of shots deep against the weakest link in the Clemson defense which happens to be their secondary (they rank 34th in passing while they are 5th against the run). Most of Tua’s touchdowns have also come in the first quarter (16 TDs) and while that probably has a lot to do with the fact that Alabama is way ahead in the closing moments of the game this season, it still holds that Tua is by far the best QB Clemson will face this season so I wouldn’t be surprised if they get shredded on the opening drive before settling down.

 Pick: Alabama to score first

Longest Touchdown

Over 56.5 yards -120

Under 56.6 yards -110

I think this is one of the more straightforward prop bets where you could get some value. There are too many play-makers on both offenses for there not to be a big play TD of more than 56.5 yards during the game. Again, Travis Etienne is averaging 8.3 yards per carry while Tua is averaging almost 12 yards per passing attempt! Yes, both these defenses are fantastic but you can’t bet against the dynamic play-makers on offense for both Clemson and Alabama.

Pick: Over 56.5 yards

Go to Overtime

Yes +700

No -1600

With this prop bet I would definitely pass, although given how both coaches are aggressive in late game situations and play to win I doubt this game will go to OT, I think the risk is too great to bet a hundred dollars to win just six bucks. On the other hand, throwing 5 dollars into this bet just to see if the game goes overtime seems more of a crap-shoot to me than an informed pick. So I would just pass.

Pick: Pass

Who calls the first timeout?

Alabama -115

Clemson -115

This will basically come down to who needs to call a timeout because of some sort of communication issue or the play clock running down. So my gut tells me to go with the team that has a true freshman at quarterback who has never played on this big of a stage. I’m going with Clemson.

Pick: Clemson -115

First Score is a TD

Yes -360

No +260

This comes down to more of a value pick over what actually is more likely to happen. I mean, sure I think a touchdown is likelier given the issues Alabama has with kicking in big games and the fact that Clemson’s special teams unit isn’t all that great either, but to make 20 bucks betting on a TD you are going to have put down 72 dollars, while with a field goal you only have to put down 8 bucks to make 20. So take the value bet and go with a field goal (or a safety who knows!) as the first score.

My Pick: No +260

In Conclusion

Regardless of the outcome, this game will no doubt excite while also having some pretty serious legacy repercussions. With another championship Saban will undoubtedly go down as the greatest head coach in the history of college football while cementing this Alabama team as one of the greatest to ever take the field in the history of the Crimson Tide. There’s also a lot on the line for Dabo, as he is looking to prove that he belongs among the all-time great coaches and that his first championship was no fluke. What’s even crazier is that Tua can elevate his legend as a college player while Lawrence would no doubt pave the way for a stellar college career if he can win as a true freshman starter. The two best teams are playing for much more than a championship, they are playing to be in the history books.

So enjoy the game and given that most of these prop bets will be decided in the first half of the game it will keep the game exciting until crunch time comes along and something truly special happens. So get those bets in and enjoy a classic rematch.