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Tips For College Football Betting

We all know how fun it is to bet on NFL games. In order to supplement that, there is always college football to look toward. Before you start throwing money around, you’re going to want to know these tips for college football betting.

Keep up with each team’s season

This is likely the most important step in the process. Before you place a bet on a team, you’ll want to know where they currently stand, and who they’re playing against.

Check up on each team’s injuries and suspensions. In order for a team to perform their best, they’ll need their best players on the field. If the team has several star player on the bench, you might want to take that into consideration.

Check up on each team’s overall performance. Is the team performing well? Are they more of an offensive team, defensive team, or balanced team? You should have these questions answered before betting.

Along with overall performance, how do they stack up against their opponent? A bad defensive team taking on a good offensive team is a clear red flag.

In addition, look at the home field advantage for each team. For example, Penn State has a much bigger home field advantage than other teams because of their huge crowds.

Look at the betting lines

It’s always good to have an idea to base your bets on. Looking at the early lines can help you in this affair.

There are several online sources to find each game’s betting lines. With these, you can see who the public is leaning toward.

Don’t forget to check how the line changes throughout the week. There can be news of injuries, suspensions, or other factors that can come out. It is important to know all of this.

Along with this, you can look at what some of the experts are saying about the game. These people dedicate their careers toward looking at all of the factors in each game. You should take advantage of these sources.

Look at underdog picks

In contrast, sometimes it’s better to go against the crowd. Upsets happen fairly often in college football, and they can be hard to predict. Because of this, it could behoove you to go against the grain and get a bigger payout.

In addition, look into betting on some smaller schools to get to know them. Early in the season, some Power 5 schools will schedule games against smaller schools to get started. This could potentially result in some major upsets.

For example, early on in this previous season, Michigan nearly lost to Army. Though Army couldn’t pull of the victory, they did cover the spread. This resulted in a major payout for some gutsy betters.

Despite all of this, please be cautious when picking underdogs; they are underdogs for a reason, after all. There are obvious risks to picking against the spread, so you need to take them into account. Making a bad pick can result in great losses.