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2019 Fantasy Football: Sleepers, Busts, and Breakouts for the Upcoming Season

As the season draws near, many fantasy football players have began preparation on their draft strategies, whether it's just taking a glimpse at schedules, checking stat sheets to see who surprised, or reading up on the new rookies entering the league.

Regardless of your level of dedication, the fact remains, the Fantasy Football season is fast approaching.While there are those who could likely find good players in the first round, that's expected. The teams that win their leagues are the one who find the steals and great values in the later rounds to really put their team over the top. I can't promise I'll be correct, but I'll do the best I can to help out and provide you with players to watch, avoid, and expect stardom from. So all aboard, find your seat, and buckle up, it's time for the hype train to depart from the station.


Sleeper - Jimmy Garoppolo (QB Ranking: 22) (ADP: 152)

For Jimmy Garoppolo, the injury and slight struggled to begin the season has opened some doubts for those looking to San Francisco. The doubts are reasonable, sure, but looking at the way Mullens was able to find success even if just for a short spurt despite his lack of overall skillset as compared to other starting quarterbacks in the NFL, the proof is there, Shanahan is one of the best offensive minds in the league, and while Jimmy is far from perfect, there is definitely reason to have hope. If you're someone looking to get your starting quarterback late in the draft, Jimmy G may be your best add.

Bust - Baker Mayfield (QB Ranking: 5) (ADP: 67)

While many are ready to crown Mayfield as the next star quarterback in the NFL, I say we slow down a little bit. He had a phenomenal rookie year, and I fully expect him to continue to grow while also competing for a possible playoff spot, but throughout his rookie year Mayfield had only one game where he surpassed 25 points in standard scoring. Not to mention that with the breakout of Nick Chubb and arrival of Kareem Hunt once they play Week 8, the team will have a very balanced attack, so while Mayfield is a great QB, I think drafting him in the top 70 like expected is a bit too rich for me.

Breakout - Josh Allen (QB Ranking: 20) (ADP: 158)

Many, myself included, have their doubts about Josh Allen as a passer. That seems to be the reason the young quarterback was held with such little regard for when it came to his fantasy value entering the 2019/2020 season. However, Allen proved to be a dominant quarterback, in his return from injury, Allen averaged just over 29 points a game, which is phenomenal production from the quarterback position. Brian Daboll showed a great job to adjust the offense to Allen's skillset, so as he progresses the offense will evolve, but Allen does enough as a dual threat to be a steal as the 20th ranked quarterback.

Running backs

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