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With over ten years of handicapping experience has helped us learn how to avoid traps and tricks of the Vegas books. Honest hard working handicapping done right.

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We currently have over 200 members who trust our handicapping and use our system.  Our vast number of members validates our success in our plays!

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Sports betting never sleeps and neither do we!  Our team of experts work around the clock to deliver the most important plays and  cover the spread!


We take the emotion out of the game!  We have strict rules we follow with our handicapping that leads to proven results.  Our system works and we stick to it.

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  • Daily Premium Picks from our Elite Experts. Depending on the day can range from 2-5 picks NFL, NBA, NCAA FB, NCAA BB, MLB
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  • Premium Daily Picks from our Elite Experts. +Week Pass Includes 25+ Premium Picks each Week that includs all Sports. NFL, NBA, NCAA FB, NCAA BB, MLB
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Why buy Sports Picks from Cover The Spread 365?


Cover The Spread 365 is your one stop shop for invaluable resources when deciding to wager on sport games on any given day! Our focus is to give you as much knowledge and power when it comes to sports betting in order to make smart rational wagers. You should never have to make gut decisions off a whim or based on entertainment driven stations. Our information and metrics have been showcased and featured on multiple publications and regional networks. We strive to become the largest and most informative online provider of real time Las Vegas Odds, which include the most up-to-minute betting trends relevant to each matchup.

You Get A Team with Cover The Spread 365, Not an individual! offers a unique team of professional handicappers who create reliable profits over the course of the season. Every other sports handicapping site offers you access to only one handicapper. Don’t hinge your bankroll off of one player’s hot or cold streaks. We’ve done the numbers at CTS365, consider us your personal hedge fund management team. Each one of our team members is an expert in their own way and instinctively understand the importance of winning more than just a single bet. As with most “professional sports handicappers,” they only look at major, single games; they normally make selections and sell the idea of a guaranteed winning pick. It’s an old school mentality that creates a singular, uniform way of sports betting; unfortunately, oddsmakers understand and create countless traps to take full advantage of the singular sports betting approach. Our betting adverse formula counters undisclosed manipulations by knowing when to play and when to sit out. We create the best way to achieve green nights. Our approach creates multiple layers of safety nets to help ensure an overall positive growth. For instance, it isn’t about winning a single game a few nights of the week; it’s about winning multiple nights, multiple weeks, MULTIPLE SEASONS! Some professional sports handicappers use their streaks and units as their reason to trust their methods. Longevity is key, not streaks. We don’t gamble our hard earned money on streaks and neither should you.

At CTS365, our growth pattern techniques aim to find ways of attacking the lines oddsmakers set. This specific methodology is brought to you by our staff of expert sports handicappers who ensure numbers fall into place before locking in the bet. Don’t trust a single handicapper with your money. Cover The Spread 365 prides itself with providing innovative techniques and a hard working team that fully understands that our clients are our priority. Rely on a sports betting company that offers in depth analysis and techniques.

We Are Establishing History

In order for sports betting to mature into sports investing, we needed years to process research, calculations, and bring together a well rounded team that would allow us to make wealth creation possible, and more importantly, preservation tactics attainable. We have been betting for over five years and successfully offering our services to the public community. Don’t fall victim to the fraudsters on Instagram and Facebook; these companies are your typical snatch and grab operations attempting to earn “fast money” before their offices become vacant like the Boiler Room. Cover The Spread 365 offers more than premium picks; we established a transparent community where we offer viable resources and knowledge so you can make your own educated picks. With our detailed explanations, you can personally analyze our selections and compare it with your own sports knowledge. We expect to serve the betting community for years to come by providing invaluable analysis for today’s sports betting market.

Numbers Matter. Check Our Records.

We believe it’s important to showcase our premium expert sports picks everyday. Every day we post a picture of our plays on our image gallery, right below our record keeper. We are not just a company offering a service, we are sports fans as well! As a result, we apply our experience as sports fans with our expertise as handicappers. For every single premium pick that you select, at least one of our experts is right there with you, watching every single second of that game. We are the ONLY expert sports pickers to post our picks and show actual proof. We update our records regularly, so feel free to sign up for our newsletter to receive up-to-date notifications. It’s 2017, if you can’t prove it, why even try it!

Transparency is The Best Policy

All pick selections are as transparent as possible with the time stamps. All final selections are made public after the last bet of the night has been recorded. It is imperative that we demonstrate no after-game manipulations take place, and we are happy to show our proof. You will absolutely see various bets from props, large moneylines (when warranted), and even buying occasional spreads. We bet a specific way for a specific reason. We don’t sell you on a single handicapper’s “record package” because you’re a part of an entire team, an invaluable asset in the sports betting world.

Secure Checkout and Purchases

Our clients’ safety and security is our number one priority above anything else.Cover The Spread 365 safeguards your personal information from the moment you create an account. We offer a secure checkout backed with the latest firewall security and enabled with SSL encrypted technology. Very few sports experts’ websites offer an SSL certificate, which is slowly becoming A MUST for modern day websites. All check-out pages are secured with full SSL encrypted technology and security features including PCI Compliance. We will never sell or solicit any of your personal information.

No Spam Calls or Emails

We respect your privacy. We will not use any provided information for sales purposes. We do not track any of your activity nor will we ever contact you to suggest upgrading your plan. On the other hand, we will always keep you up-to-date with website changes and features to help you navigate and take full advantage of our services. You are always more than welcomed to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our picks, your account, website changes, etc.

No Automatic Renewals 

We never auto-renew your plan. period. If you are doing a one month trial with us for example, your plan will expire without any hassles or hidden fees.

Proper Line Sourcing

Every line we provide will match lines published by Las Vegas or any other popular online sports betting website. We synchronize our premium picks with live lines so you can easily and quickly place your bets.

Timely Sports Pick Selections

Our staff publishes our premium sports picks with enough time for clients to place their own bets on whichever site they choose to do so. We understand this is a two step process, so we make sure to post our picks at least one hour prior to the beginning of the game. If we were to post our premium sports picks a day in advance, we would be at a complete disadvantage as unexpected changes may occur. Our staff wants to ensure the greatest sports odds are on your side.

Contact Us

Contact our customer service, and we will assist you to the best of our abilities. Trouble logging in? Email us at [email protected] and one of our agents will provide step by step instructions to help you access your account. Our customer care team is trained to help resolve any issues you may be experiencing; we will NOT speak to you about upgrades or additional products.

“sports betting is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. win or lose all that

matters is you

cover the spread!”