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Charlotte Hornet (6-5) @ Philadelphia 76ers(7-5)

Tonight features an interesting match-up between the 76ers and the Hornets. The 76ers currently have the 5th best winning record in the east and the Hornets have the 6th best winning record. The Hornet’s went 0-4 to the 76ers. However, the Hornets are performing substantially better this season since they traded Dwight Howard. The 76ers are undefeated at home and Hornets have a losing record on the road. Joel Embiid has been performing fundamentally well this season; averaging 27.7PPG-12.4RPG-3.4APG-2.3BPG. The Hornets have no answer for him. This should be an easy victory for the 76ers.

76ers(1-0) versus Hornets(0-1)

4th in east
PPG: 110.7
Record(teams in east): 6-5
Record(teams in west):1-0
@Home(6-0), Road(1-5)
APG(5th best)
RPG(5th best)
PPG(13th best)

Starting line-up:
Robert Covington
Dorio Saric
Joel Embiid
Ben Simmons
Markelle Fultz

6th in east
PPG: 115.5
Record(teams in east): 6-4
Record(teams in west):0-1
@Home(4-2), Road(2-3)
Record(on Road)
APG(8th best)
RPG(15th best)
PPG(8th best)

Starting line-up:
Nicolas Batum
Marvin Williams
Cody Zeller
Kemba Walker
Jeremy Lamb

Pick: 76ers.