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Free Premium Pick Of The Day 05-05-2018

Free Premium Pick Of The Day

Welcome to our FREE Premium Dog Of The Day! We offer one free pick a day to our readers 365 days a year! Don’t forget to sign up for 1 day of our premium picks where we offer between 2-4 picks depending on the given day. This is a savvy road NBA bet today, that few will be on this side. Enjoy today’s take!

Line & Odds: Raptors +4.5/ML +163 VS. Cavs -4.5 ML -190

   Lebron has played absolutely out of his mind not only during the NBA Playoffs this year, but throughout the entire NBA season. I mean he didn’t even take his one week vacation in the middle of the year to rest his back and go to Miami. They often say it’s dumb to bet against the king, which has been proven true the past seven years. With the emergence of Kevin Love last game the public will be all over the Cavs tonight.

However, as good as these Cavs have looked over the course of the past month, the Raptors have been doing it all year. I expect to see a desperate team take the floor tonight. I don’t expect DeRozan and Lowry to be timid or scared. They may not have amazing games, but their will be no shortage of them putting up shots. This is a great time to take the Raptors Moneyline tonight. I will place my bet tonight on the Raptors to win outright paying +163. With the Raptors backs against the wall, expect them to come out clawing tonight, which is why they are our Dog of the Day at CTS365!



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