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Free Premium Pick Of The Day 05-07-2018

Free Premium Pick Of The Day

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Line & Odds: Utah Jazz +12/ Houston Rockets -12

The Rockets figured out the blueprint to beat the Utah Jazz in this series. When Chris Paul is engaged on both ends of the floor it spells game over. Perhaps this series may have gone a little bit different if Ricky Rubio was not injured, but that’s a hypothetical Jazz fans get mull over all year to help comfort them.

What we do notice tonight though is the large spread given to the Jazz. The Raptors look deflated in Cleveland last night and ultimately gave up hope at the half. We see the Rockets closing out this series tonight, but do not expect a giant blow out. Rockets take this by 9 points, giving the Jazz one last say, monetary victory at least. Uath Jazz +9 is our Dog Of The Day at CTS365.


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