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How To Maximize Your Sports Betting Odds


Let’s face it, when we want to place a sports bet we not only want to win, but we want to maximize our sports betting odds! It comes down to the simple fact of how much of a payout do we want compared to just a victory. Do you go for the big pop or do you just want a ticket you’ve won and can move on to the next scheduled action? We love referencing the NBA Finals Game 7 Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors. When you decide to take action the majority of bettors will take a look at either the moneyline or the point spread. What percentage of sports bettors proceed to buy points or tease to maximize their betting odds? We will dive into discussing maximizing sports odds and allowing you to understand when it’s best to try and increase your odds and in turn, increase your sports bankroll. A famous myth in Las Vegas is to never buy points, but there may be more to it than you think and you shouldn’t necessarily believe everything you hear. If you apply these sports betting tips you will certainly increase your bankroll quicker than you think.


Line Shopping is Imperative To Maximizing Odds


I don’t think we can continue to beat a dead horse any more than we have in all of our sports betting articles, but line shopping is single handedly the most important betting practice to implement. I can’t even begin to fathom the number of people that just go to their single site and place a sports bet without looking at other online sports books. If you take just one practice from this entire article please let it be to line shop before placing your sports bet. If you want to take sports betting serious and want to win, give yourself the best betting odds! Like we previously discussed, it’s in your best interest to gobble up every bonus you can when signing up. Check out our ‘best sports betting websites’ post for more information.

When you go ahead and line shop through all of your online sports betting websites you will always find games with different point spreads and juices. For instance, you may have found the following lines for the NBA Finals Game 7: Cleveland Cavaliers +5 from these following online sports books. Intertops +5 -110, Bet Online +5 -115, Sports Betting +5.5 -115, and MyBookie +5.5 -120. So after a quick research you will absolutely want to place your bet with the Sports Betting site since they offer the best sports odds to maximize your chances. More important than achieving the best line, your expected return percentage will have increased greatly just by line shopping! Get on board with researching and investigating! When you stop and think about how many games you bet (& money wagered) during the course of the season you could easily be tossing away without line shopping! Depending on your spending habits you could be costing yourself a lot more than you think. Who doesn’t want more when they win. Line shopping gives us a chance to grab some of the “juice” back that is always being taken by bookies and online sports books.


Understanding Buying Points


You might now be asking well what do I choose when I’m hit with a line that is +5.5 -115 and +5 at -105. When does it make it smart to pick buying the extra points? This is where professional bettors comes in to calculate their formula to see if they would need the extra point based on past games, certain lineups and match ups. A true sports handicapper has an effective strategy that is constantly evolving to say ahead of anticipated line adjustments. It’s imperative to have some type of history or database to calculate the moneyline converter to see your return rates to see if its worth it.


Moneyline Converter


Using a moneyline converter is the best way to see whether or not you have an edge with your sports selection. Head over to moneyline converter to check and see if have an edge!


Purchasing Half Points


Nearly all online sports books offer players the opportunity to acquire an additional half point at approximately -10 each as long as you are not buying up the coveted 3 or 7. Typically savvy sports bettors view this as a no-no, however you’ll quickly notice that 10 and 14 work best in your favor. These examples on apply for NFL and NCAAFB sports wagering. So if you have the ability to purchase a full point or half point at the value of -10 under these scenario’s you should pull the trigger:

Line -14.5  Buy to -14 or -13.5 and reverse buying up to 14.5

Line -10.5 Buy to -10 or -9,5 and reverse buying up to 10.5

New Ways To Maximize Value On All Bets


Teaser Betting

A couple other strategies to shift the odds further in your favor is using a teaser strategy. This allows you a plethora of ways to shift multiple points in your direction instead of just a measly .5 or entire point. You will find a bunch of different options available to you when selecting this play still depending on the specific sport. We have created a dedicated page on all of the possible teaser opportunities and various techniques you can implement right now with our Teaser Betting Strategy.

Prop Bets

Many be online sports betting websites offer prop bets for each game that are in line with traditional betting lines. We’ve covered an entire section on this with our Prop Betting Strategy write-up.  After reading all of our tools you will be able to effectively maximize every future sports bet you place.

Half Time Bets

All online sports websites offer 1st and 2nd half bets for every major sport. If you believe a team is always complacent earlier on or takes a while to get into the flow you can certainly take advantage of these types of wagers. We want you to be aware of every possible sports bet you can take as the more the knowledge the better when it comes to playing against Las Vegas!

Alternate Lines

Many bettors are unaware of the illustrious alternate lines that online sports books offer. Here you will be seen with drastically different line than the usual public offerings with much wider odds given. This can be an extremely great betting strategy when it comes to baseball as you are able to swap lines completely. So if Kershaw is on the mound and getting -1.5 run line you can take it at -2.5 run line or even +1.5 run line for drastically different odds.


At Cover The Spread 365 we drew up an entire article pertaining to parlay betting strategies. With a wide variety of styles and techniques to take with parlays you can not only take the edge away from Vegas, but put some on your side. The tendency with sports bettors is that they place too many on their docket or the wrong type of plays.

You may suddenly feel overwhelmed with all of this sports betting styles and options when placing wagers on sports especially if you are new. However, at the end of the day all of these different styles of bets and sports plays come down to simple mathematics. You should never feel rushed to instantly bet a certain way especially if you do not fully understand it or just not even comfortable with it. Thanks to the internet today we have so much knowledge and resources when it comes to learning how to do pretty much anything!


Best Online Sports Book For Maximizing Odds


At Cover The Spread 365 these are the best online sports book available to maximize your odds! Remember you should already be using these since your line shopping anyways, right?

  1. MyBookie – Very generous on all teaser plays, especially on 3 team six point odds at a whopping +180
  2. BetOnline – +650 for a 3 team parlay, which is one of the best sites for parlays use which takes all of the juice out of the equation.
  3. SportsBetting – Widest selection of prop bets amongst any platforms and reduced juice on most buying opportunities.

We hope you enjoyed this segment on maximizing your sports betting odds and if you have any questions or concerns when it comes to certain odds feel free to ask us questions at [email protected] It’s always best to have a proper sports betting strategy.