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NL West Standings: 3-08-2019 Free MLB Pick, Prediction, and Odds

Free MLB Pick: NL West Standings

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (-400)

It is no doubt the Dodgers are predicted to win the NL West division in 2019. They won the division six straight years because the other NL West teams do not have enough star power to conquer the Dodgers.

However, it will be a challenging year for the Dodgers since lots of changes happened for them over the offseason. The Dodgers lost some players like Puig, Kemp, and Wood while gaining two big players, pitcher Joe Kelly and catcher Russel Martin. Plus, Dodger ace, Clayton Kershaw, is expected to start the season on the DL with shoulder issues. This year, the Dodgers will not be as mighty as the years before, but they are still expected to make a significant impact in the 2019 season.

2. Colorado Rockies (+550)

The Rockies are bound for a great playoff run at some point. Especially since they have a great player in Nolan Arenado, who they signed long-term in an 8-year, $260 million contract last month.

Even though the Rockies lost key players this offseason like Adam Ottavino and DJ LeMahieu to the Yankees, they signed Daniel Murphy this offseason to play first base. It may not be enough to defeat the Dodgers, but the Rockies still hold talent that is poised for prime time.

3. San Diego Padres (+1000)

Maybe in the future, the Padres will have a shot at a playoff run, but not now. Yes, the Padres signed one of the biggest players in baseball, Manny Machado, but they have lots of areas that need improvement before challenging the Dodgers.

The Padres have added veteran, Ian Kinsler, to help mature the youth the Padres have in their farm system. San Diego holds one of the best farm systems in all of baseball. The system needs time to become the best it can be for Machado and the Padres’ playoff hopes.

4. San Francisco Giants (+2200)

The Giants had a chance at Bryce Harper, but we all know how that resulted. Without Harper, the Giants seem to be just another team trying to survive the best they can in the division.

San Francisco does not have the “it” factor this season. They added a couple of left-handed pitchers, but nothing special to put them at a higher rank. It seems that the Giants will be spending less time focusing on wins and more time preparing for the retirement of Giants’ skipper, Bruce Bochy. Bochy will head to retirement after the 2019 season. Farewell Bruce!

5. Arizona Diamondbacks (+3300)

The Diamondbacks went from playoff hopefuls last year to the predicted last place team this upcoming season. And the worst part is that it isn’t the Diamondbacks’ fault. They simply had lots of players that went to free agency and signed with other teams.

The Diamondbacks still have their great pitching with Zack Greinke, Robbie Ray, and Zach Godley so, they have a chance to do better than last place. However, everything else for the Diamondbacks needs improvement to be genuine contenders.

Free MLB Prediction: NL West Standings

Despite the improvements from all the teams in the NL West, the Dodgers hold the star power in 2019. The Rockies will be the biggest threat for the Boys in Blue, but the Dodgers will have the talent to overcome them.

Pick: Dodgers, -400

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