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Phillies vs. Yankees

Phillies vs. Yankees

Odds: Phillies +150/Yankees +200

Free MLB Pick Yankees vs. Phillies: Manny Machado Odds


The Yankees have seen far too much of Machado since his entrance into the league, and they know more than anyone. With Machado playing his first six and a half years of his career, the Yankees know what Machado is capable of.

The Largest factor in play for the Yankees is current shortstop, Didi Gregorius. Gregorius has outperformed his expectations at shortstop, which is a position that New York shines a spotlight on. There was a lot of pressure when you are succeeding the great Derek Jeter. Gregorius has been able to live up to those expectations so far becoming a power bat at short and quickly turning into a fan favorite in the Bronx. A four plus WAR in his first four season for the yankees is a great way to solidify your spot in a lineup, unless of course Manny Machado is an option.

Gregorius suffered an elbow injury during the Yankees AL East pennant race that would ultimately result in an early end to his season and Tommy John surgery. During his absence, he saw the Yankees lose to their rival Boston Red Sox in the ALDS and he might not be able to see action until the second half of the season. This puts New York in a tough spot since they trade what would be Didi’s backup, Ronald Torreyes. That might force Gleyber Torres to move to short or putting the young middle infielder, Hanser Alberto into immediate action. With Manny Machado available and the current situation New York is facing, it’s hard to imagine the Yankees wouldn’t throw everything they have at Machado.

It makes sense for the Yankees to go after Machado. With Gregorius entering his final year of his contract, and he is likely to miss half the season, It is decision time for New York. The Yankees are ready to compete now, and Gregorius is a big part of their production. The question will be do they put their faith in Gregorius to return to his normal self in the back half of the year or do they look to sign Machado?

It seems as though The Yankees are hungry to win now, so signing Machado would be the likely course of action they take.


According to Oddsmaker, the Phillies are the favorite to land Manny Machado as well as superstar Bryce Harper this offseason. However, the Phillies have just traded for Jean Segura to play up the middle for the them through the 2023 season, and Machado has been very adamant about wanting to stay at shortstop. So, the deciding factor for Philadelphia is if they can convince Machado to move back to third base.

Since the Phillies are also in active pursuit for Bryce Harper, there is a question of whether or not Philadelphia can afford to buy both of these superstars, especially after giving segura $14.25M per year. Philly might decide to pass on Machado and focus on harper.

The biggest if factor remains to be Machado’s willingness to move positions again. Segura will be the phillies shortstop, so will Machado be eager to move to a position he just transitioned from. Perhaps it can be Philly’s version of A-rod and Jeter if Machado is compliant, but it seems unlikely. Unless Machado changed positions in his contract year to showcase his versatility, Machado will likely being playing shortstop next year.

With some serious convincing, GM Matt Klentak could bring Machado to Philadelphia as their new third baseman. The idea of playing with fellow superstars and contending for a championship, which Machado has not been able to do much in his career, might be enough to bring him to the city of brotherly love.

Free MLB Pick Phillies vs. Yankees: Manny Machado Odds

The Yankees situation seems to be a more likely landing spot for Machado. With the Guarantee that Machado would be playing shortstop opening day due to Gregorius’ injury and the New York being an immediate World Series contender, New York might be a more attractive place for Machado. Manny being a big market type of plater makes the Bronx a perfect spot for Machado’s flashy play style.


  PICK: Yankees +200

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