NBA League MVP 2018-2019

NBA League MVP 2018-2019

NBA League MVP 2018-2019 The most glamour award in sports right now is the NBA League MVP. Once you’re a league MVP, you’re viewed as a made man not only in the NBA but in all of sports. And who will be the new comer to this class or will an old guard reclaim the...

NBA League MVP 2018-2019

NBA League MVP 2018-2019 The most glamour award in sports right now is the NBA League MVP. Once you’re a league MVP, you’re viewed as a made man not only in the NBA but in all of sports. And who will be the new comer to this class or will an old guard reclaim the...

NBA Free Agency: Best Players Still Available

NBA Free Agency: The Best Players Still Available In a crazy 2018 free agency, we’ve seen moves as big as Lebron James, signing with the L.A. Lakers, to the addition of Demarcus Cousins joining forces with the powerhouse Golden State Warriors. Here are a few players...

Early Predictions for the 2018-2019 NBA Rookie of the Year Winner

The 2018-2019 NBA season doesn’t kick off for another three months, but for basketball fans, it’s never too early to start salivating over the fresh crop of rookies acquired via the draft this past June. Teams have already gotten a look at their new talent during the...

How To Bet On NBA Championship Futures

7 Ways to Handle NBA Championship Futures The article “7 Ways to Handle NBA Championship Futures before Free Agency” examines how to deal with the free agency period to build a championship quality team. However, during the free agency period, there are other things...

Beware of Hollywood!

Beware of Hollywood NBA Free Agency will soon begin, and many teams will try to convince players into signing with their club. Professional sports is a unique profession because your employer must convince you to work for them and not the other way around. This bring...

NBA Draft 2018: The Steals and Reaches

NBA Draft 2018: The Steals and Reaches   With the NBA Draft being over a lot of teams walked away feeling good about the players their team selected. There were some players that were steals and fell into great situations; however, there were some teams that reached...

NBA Free Agency 2018: Three Things That Won’t Happen

NBA Free Agency 2018: Three Things That Won’t Happen   It’s time for the NBA’s annual version of musical chairs. This year free agency class is star- studded and If you get one of these guys it can change your franchise. This summer someone will land their star player...

NBA Free Agency: Where Will LeBron James Play Next Season?

Where Will LeBron James Play Next Season? Every four years there is a sporting event so momentous that it becomes a topic of conversation many months ahead of it. And in the two to three weeks prior to this occasion, the hysteria is incredible. It absolutely dominates...


2018 NBA MOCK DRAFT The NBA Draft is Thursday and there are a lot of good players in this year’s crop that can change life for several NBA teams. Some players stock has risen while others stock has tumbled.  The updated mock draft represents where we think these...

Free NBA Picks

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Cover The Spread 365 covers the entire NBA Season, game in and game out for every single team. Las Vegas loves to take advantage of the average bettor come playoff time when the viewership goes through the roof. When it comes to the NBA consensus, this sport is considered to be the most predictable amongst all professional betting sports. Just take a look at the past three seasons and how predictable it was that the Cleveland Cavs and Golden State Warriors would meet in the NBA finals. Unfortunately nobody makes any money for betting these NBA futures. The best NBA Picks come throughout the regular season on a Tuesday night when a small market team comes into a big city. CTS365 is happy to share our best free NBA picks and parlays nightly to help assist you in making your sports wagers.

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