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2018 NBA Regular Season Predictions!

NBA Predictions 2018-2019 Season

The NBA season is right around the corner and fans are already betting on the 2018-19 season. Before fans begin betting on any team, it is important to know the facts and know the latest NBA predictions. The team I predict to have the best record this regular season is the Boston Celtics. Boston’s young squad was specular in the 2018 playoffs. This offseason they are adding a healthy Kyrie Irving, possibly Gordon Hayward, and new draft picks to an already elite roster. In the 2018 playoffs, Terry Rozier and Jalen Brown outperformed every other back-court they played. Right now, the Celtics are the closet team to competing with the Golden State Warriors. And with Lebron leaving the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics will have no resistance in making it to the finals.

Without Lebron, the Cleveland Cavaliers will likely have the worst record in the east conference. This should give a boost to teams under 500 teams because these teams typically lose 3 to 4 games to the Cavs during the regular season. Moreover, with the Wizards getting rid of Marcin Gortat it has relieved some tension in the Wizards locker room and that coupled with adding talents such as Austin Rivers and Dwight Howard means the Wizards are going to have a fundamental season. And While Toronto’s core of young players remain on the team, it is going to take a while for Kawahi Leonard to get used to playing with the Raptors. Toronto should under-performed this regular season. However, this playoffs, I expect the Raptors to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals because of how well Kawahi plays in the playoffs.

Detroit has had added Dwayne Casey and with Blake Griffin getting acclimated to the team, Detroit should have a very nice season. Moreover, with the Cavs out of the playoff picture, Detroit should make the playoffs.

Projected win totals for Eastern Conference teams:

Toronto Raptors: 67
Boston Celtics: 60
Milwaukee Bucks: 55
Philadelphia 76ers: 50
Indiana Pacers: 47
Washington Wizards: 42
Detroit Pistons: 41
Miami Heat: 40
New York Knicks: 35
Charlotte Hornets: 34
Chicago Bulls: 32
Brooklyn Nets: 31
Orlando Magic: 30
Atlanta Hawks: 27
Cleveland Cavaliers: 15

Experts project that Golden State will have the best record this season and easily win the NBA championship. While Golden State is still by far the best team in the league, it lost much of its bench to make cap space to pay Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. Moreover, with Boogie out till the off-season and no center, Golden State will likely not win 62 games as predicts.

In the West Conference, the Pelicans had an amazing playoff run last season and even swept the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round of the playoffs. In the off Season, the Pelicans added Julius Randle and are poised to make a run this season regular season. Last season, the Denver Nuggets were an inch from making the playoffs. This season with Nikola Jokić maturing and Denver adding Michael Porter Jr and Isiah Thomas, they will be better than Portland or the Timberwolves. And while the Rockets without Trevor Ariza will be substantially weaker offensively. Moreover, Chris Paul was injured in the Western Conference finals and the other Rockets players like PJ Tucker, Eric Gordon, and Jeff Green are aging. The Rockets are not likely to have as competitive a season as they did last year during the regular season. OKC by cutting lose Carmelo Anthony have improved defensively and they have added a young talent in Dennis Schröder. This will allow Russel Westbrook and Paul George to get more offensive looks. OKC’s roster of Russel Westbrook, Paul George, Steven Adams, and Dennis Schroder is a very competitive starting lineup. I also expect Dallas to make a run this regular season after adding Deandre Jordan and Luka Doncic. And with Dennis Smith Jr maturing, I expect Dallas to be in playoff contention.

Projected win totals for Western Conference teams:

Golden State: 62
Rockets: 55
Portland: 50
OKC: 48
Spurs: 48
Lakers: 47
Denver: 47
New Orleans Pelicans: 43
Jazz: 43
Minn Timberwolves: 42
Dallas: 39
Clippers: 35
Phoenix Suns: 29
Memphis Grizzlies: 25
Sacramento Kings: 21

In the west, Anthony Davis and Donvan Mitchell are going to have break out seasons this year. If Anthony Davis plays anything like he did in the playoffs, he will easily take MVP this year(with Lebron at second). Anthony Davis averaged 30.1 PPG and 13.4 RPG this off season and took the Pelicans to the Western Conference semi-finals. In the Western Conference Semi-finals against the Golden State warriors, Anthony Davis lead the series in points, rebounds, and blocks. Anthony Davis came in 3rd in the MVP vote count, however, last season it was James Harden’s year. Anthony Davis will likely have better numbers than Lebron, however, the Pelicans will not likely have a better regular season record than the Lakers. Lebron because he is playing with more talent this season and great play-makers such as Rondo and Lonzo Ball, he will see a dip statistically. Making a better case for Lebron James to win MVP. This year, the MVP race is wide open and Lebron James will likely continue to dominate and get his first MVP in the last 5 years.

Award Predictions

MVP: Lebron James
Top 5 players for MVP: Lebron James, Joel Embiid, Kawhi Leonard, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nikola Jokic,
Defensive Player of the year: Joel Embiid
Rookie of the Year: Deandre Ayton
Most Improved Player: Nikola Jokic
Coach of the Year: Brad Stevens
6th man of the year: Austin Rivers
Executive of the Year: Magic Johnson

Individual statistical leaders

Points Per Game: Anthony Davis
Rebounding Leader: Andrew Drummond
Assist Leader: Russell Westbrook
Blocks Leader: Hassan Whiteside
Steals leader: Victor Oladipo
Minutes Per game: Lebron James

NBA playoffs teams:

Eastern Conference Playoff teams: Boston, 76ers, Toronto, Wizards, Bucks, Pacers, Heat, Pistons.

Western Conference Playoff Teams: Golden State, Rockets, Pelicans, Jazz, Spurs, Lakers, Denver.

I see Golden State and Boston playing in the finals. Ultimately, with Golden State nearly sweeping Boston in a 5 game series.

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