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Beware of Hollywood!

Beware of Hollywood

NBA Free Agency will soon begin, and many teams will try to convince players into signing with their club. Professional sports is a unique profession because your employer must convince you to work for them and not the other way around. This bring us to the city of angels, Los Angeles is second largest city in the United States and who would not want to live there Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, palm trees, celebrities everywhere I really could go on; however be careful what you wish for, whoever ends up with the Los Angeles Lakers will inherit the burden of getting one the most storied franchises in sports back to the top of the food chain.

If you have been plugged into sports lately, the Lakers have fallen on hard times, the purple and gold have only won 126 games in five seasons, in that period they have lost 60 games in a season twice and have drafted in the lottery four times. This team will look to free agency to resituate a franchise that has been running flat the past couple of years. Lebron James, Paul George, Chris Paul are for the taking but all free agent beware of the Lakers.

To all Free Agents if you put on that purple and gold bring your A game, if you don’t you will have a short and miserable tenure just ask Dwight Howard. Expectations will be superhigh if you think they are not, look in the rafters 16 championships,31 Conference titles,23 Division titles and 11 retired numbers.  Jerry West the logo, Kobe Bryant the black mamba, Shaquille O’Neal the Big Diesel, Earvin Magic Johnson,the best Point Guard in NBA history, Wilt Chamberlain who scored 100 points in a game, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the NBA all-time leading scorer. All these guys played for the Lakers. This is a franchise who always somehow and someway gets star players to come to the west coast. There will be a star in the purple and gold next year, don’t know which one but a star will be in Los Angeles this summer.

All of that is the good part but here this bad part, you better win big and that’s it. No excuses, no reasons why you did not get it done. We made the playoffs you’re supposed to, we won the division so what, we almost got the finals, we almost won a championship. Almost doesn’t count. People in Los Angeles do not care, nothing less than a championship you have come up short.

Alex Knight
Alex Knight
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