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Detroit Pistons vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Detroit Pistons (1-2) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (2-1) (as of Wednesday 10-10-2018)

October 12, 2018, 7:00 PM (Jack Breslin Student Events Center, East Lansing, MI)

Spread (None, as of 10-10-2018)

Free NBA Pick, Prediction, Odds Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons

The Cleveland Cavaliers are considered the home team in an exhibition matchup in East Lansing, MI against the Detroit Pistons. As both teams look to get prepared for the upcoming season after close losses. The Cavaliers, having lost to the Indiana Pacers and the Pistons losing to the Brooklyn Nets.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers are on a search for hope in their lineup with the loss of the best basketball player in the game. The Cavaliers dressed 15 against the Pacers as they attempted to throw as many darts at the board as possible. The Cavs saw strong performances from Kyle Korver, 20 mins and 17pts, and George Hill, 28 mins, 10 pts, and 7 Rebounds. The rest of the team had scattered success, but with the long bench, there weren’t going to be any standout performers. As the Cavs move forward, look for Sam Dekker to continue to get a lot of playing time, especially after his 32-minute performance in the last game. 21-year-old Ante Zizic has been another standout during the preseason, with 20 points in 22 minutes against the Celtics.

Detroit Pistons

The Pistons, operating with a new coaching staff and regime, are off to a slow start in the preseason, now having lost the last two games. The Pistons played a lot of their starting roster for a majority of the game against the Nets. This does not bode well, considering the loss. One bright spot from the Nets game is the strong play from Ish Smith. His growth each year is important for the Pistons moving forward and the strength of their bench. His 36 minutes, 8 points, and 10 assists show the growth of a strong point guard. Langston Galloway was another positive, as he walked away with 24 points in 36 minutes. Galloway saw improvement with his FG% over the last two season, going from 25% to 45% in a year to year comparison.

Cover The Spread 365 NBA Betting Trends

Unfortunately, there were no reported betting trends at the time of this post for the preseason game.Trends will be updated once they’ve been released. 

Free NBA Pick, Prediction, and Odds Detroit Pistons at Cleveland Cavaliers

For the Pistons and Cavaliers, both transitioning into new eras: The Pistons introducing a new coaching staff and the Cavs waving goodbye to LeBron James, it is clear that these two teams will have some kinks to work out. The Cavs, who are the easy picks to fall to the bottom of the standings this year, should continue their current strategy of whipping as many darts at the dartboard as possible to see what sticks. For the Pistons, they are on a journey to learn the new strategies and be knowledgeable of the system come game one. That being said, the Pistons will probably still give a hefty share of playing time to the starters (at least compared to the Cavs) and be able to overpower. Of course, if they take an early lead, Dwayne Casey is no idiot and will most assuredly let his bench finish this one.  In these hard to pick preseason games, considering there is no real motivation to win and we have no idea what the lineups look like…uh…go with the Pistons? It’s in East Lansing…so there’s that.

Pick: Detroit Pistons

For #Cavs: @JordanClarksons, 18pts, 6-16FG, team-hi 6reb, 4asst; @cediosman, 18pts, 6-10FG, 4reb; @rodneyhood, 13pts, 5-9FG, 2-5 3ptFG, 4asst; @matthewdelly, 13pts, 5-9FG, 3-4 3ptFG, team-hi 7asst; @CollinYoungBull, 12pts, 6-13FG, 2asst, 2stl.

Philly outscores #Cavs, 39-20, in 4Q - pull away for the 128-01 win; six Sixers in dbl-figs; Simmons triple-dbl: 22pts, 14asst, 11reb; PHI, 56%FG, CLE, 47%FG; reb: PHI, 48, CLE, 33; pts in the paint: PHI, 56, CLE, 40.

Philly turns tables on #Cavs in 2Q, close period on 12-4 run - lead, 65-58, at H; reb: PHI, 29, CLE, 18; Embiid, 16pts, 6reb | Simmons, 15pts, 9asst; PHI, 55%FG | CLE, 45%; for #Cavs: @JordanClarksons, 14pts, 4-10FG, 4reb, 3asst; @cediosman, 11pts, 4-7FG.

Channing Frye's triple caps big 1Q for #Cavs, close period on 8-1 run - lead, 36-29; CLE, 60%FG, asst: CLE, 10, PHI, 3; every reserve has scored for CLE; for #Cavs: @CollinYoungBull, glad to be done with MIL, 8pts, 4-5FG; @JordanClarksons, 8pts, 3-6FG, 2-3 3ptFG, 3asst, 2reb.

For #Cavs: @JordanClarksons, 23pts, 8-19FG, 5reb, 4asst; @rodneyhood, 19pts, 7-14FG, 3reb, 3asst; @Larrydn22. 14pts, 10reb, 6assst, 3stl, blk; @AlecBurks10, 12pts, 9reb; @matthewdelly, 10pts, 4-8FG, 2-5 3ptFG, 3reb, 5asst.

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Another call for #Pistons questions for the Mail Satchel. I'm an open book ... or e-reader or PDF, or whatever. #AskRod

I gather there would be interest in Austin Rivers, but #Pistons aren’t going into tax for him.

Whenever y’all go to trade machine, remember tax when it comes to the #Pistons.

Looking for some questions for a #Pistons Mail Satchel. I'll flip those into answers...for real. #AskRod

Blake Griffin gets triple-double but is hero and goat as #Pistons fall short against #Bucks: via @detroitnews

#Pistons Blake Griffin, who had a triple-double, but 10 turnovers: "I was unbelievably awful tonight ... I feel bad for these guys because they played so hard and got us back in this game – and I wasn’t there for them tonight."

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