The Inevitable Trade for Kyrie Irving


Possible Trade Destinations For Kyrie Irving

It’s all but inevitable that Kyrie Irving, of the Cavaliers, will be traded. This comes to a surprise to many because the Cavaliers just came back from a third straight appearance to the finals and only one year removed from a championship. However, Kyrie Irving stated that he wanted to have his own team and not be under the shadow of Lebron James anymore. In some regards this is a fair move for Kyrie because he believes he could be the alpha dog for another franchise. In other regards, Kyrie’s request could be seen as idiotic. He was always the number one option to score and close the game for the Cavaliers. This topic could be debated for hours on end, but at the end of the day it’s Kyrie’s decision. Maybe this will be the refreshment we need for superstars allocating their talents into different franchises instead of onto a single team within the NBA.

  • Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets potentially possess the best package for Kyrie Irving. The package of a young backcourt consisting of Jamal Murray and Gary Harris and the addition of a solid small forward, Wilson Chandler, is a great deal for Irving. While Denver may seem like they might be giving up too much, it will allow them to form their own big three within Denver. Paul Millsap, Nikola Jokic and Kyrie Irving are all all-star caliber players and it will potentially attract other free agents to join Denver. If Irving is to end up at Denver, we could be looking at a top 6 seed.

  • Miami Heat

The package Miami can present is not all that attractive, but if the Cavaliers want to have a veteran point gaurd that can lead a team, Dragic may be the best option out there. Dragic could instantly fit right in with the Cavaliers and Justise Winslow could mirror the role of Iman Shumpert. In return, the Miami Heats will have one of the best pick and roll duos in the NBA. Irving and Whiteside may look to up their 2k ratings together.

  • Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings are known to make terrible trades within the NBA community, but this could be different. The Kings currently have plenty of young talent on the roster, but Kyrie Irving is clearly on a different level. Buddy Hield is a great young talent that has the potential to be a star in this league. Also, adding a solid point gaurd off the bench in Garrett Temple and a young, athletic center in Willie Caulie-Stein could bolster the Cavaliers defense and provide more depth. Furthermore, with Kyrie Irving on the Kings, Sacramento will have a bright young piece to build around and Kyrie will also be the clear number one option.

  • New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony has been rumored to be traded to the Cavaliers all summer, but news with Kyrie Irving will now present a trading opportunity for both parties. Because Carmelo Anthony’s contract will bring the Cavalier’s luxury tax over the cap limit, the addition of Herangomez and Frye is needed to make the trade work. If Kyrie is to be traded, the Cavaliers will need a closer and Carmelo Anthony is the perfect answer to that.


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