NBA Basketball Sunday April 14th 2018 @ 1:00 pm (TD Garden)

Lines and Odds: Boston -4 Over/Under 201

Free NBA Pick Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics look to make a statement in game 1 at home. Boston has earned themselves the 2nd seed in the eastern conference playoffs by achieving a record of (55-27)  If people look at their record they would think why would anyone be extra excited to play the #2 seed in the playoffs? Well, Boston may have been a consistent team most of the season, they have now lost two of their star pieces they added before the season started with Kyrie Irving and Gordon  Hayward both faced season ending injuries.  While Gordon Hayward only played one game before he got hurt, it was Kyrie who led the way for Boston the majority of the season , and made a huge difference for them all the way up until his injury happened. Luckily the Celtics have a few  young studs notably  Jaylen Brown , and Rookie Jason Tatum who have really stepped up for the team towards the final stretch of the season.  Despite the popular belief of Boston being in trouble for the playoffs by the common fan, the Bucks probably will be blocking out that noise when facing the team who is loaded with young talent, and finished 2nd in the NBA for defense.

The Milwaukee Bucks will try to steal game 1 against a young Boston team.  The Bucks may not have had the most favorable 2nd half of the season but they clawed their way to 7th seed finishing the regular season with a record of (44-38) . The Bucks made a switch mid way through the season deciding to fire a well respected coach in Jason Kidd , and roll with 4th year assistant coach Joe Prunty to take a different direction. Thus Far it hasn’t looked a huge difference, but this playoff series is an opportunity to prove otherwise. A huge positive for Milwaukee is them getting their squad healthy. Jabari Parker the 2014 high draft pick , and the 2016 rookie of the year Malcolm Brogdon are looking to add valuable minutes in this pivotal round 1 playoff series.  The Bucks don’t offer much advantageous stats for their favor, but offer a nightmare for even the best opposing defenses if they’re in a shooting rhythm. Giannis Antetokunmpo and Khris Middleton are the clear cut leaders of this team, and the Bucks will need a strong performance out of them to steal game 1.

Free NBA prediction Milwaukee vs Boston

The Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks will make for a great round 1 series. Both teams have a variety of veterans and young stars. Milwaukee got some key pieces back , however they haven’t shown consistency that often throughout the season. The Boston Celtics despite losing 2 stars, has shown much more consistency throughout the regular season, and may translate in this series. The Boston Celtics will win Game 1 due to their experience and their stingy defense that can frustrate any team, especially a relatively young squad like the Bucks. Boston will be ready to make a strong statement and avoid getting game 1 stolen.

Pick: Boston -4