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NBA Draft 2018: The Steals and Reaches

NBA Draft 2018: The Steals and Reaches


With the NBA Draft being over a lot of teams walked away feeling good about the players their team selected. There were some players that were steals and fell into great situations; however, there were some teams that reached for players and may regret it down the road. Here are some of the steals and reaches from this year’s draft.

Biggest Steal: Danny Ainge strikes again and gets Texas A&M Center Robert Williams at pick 27

The Boston Celtics have done an awesome job of drafting players the past couple of years.  In this year’s draft the team in green selected Texas A&M Center Robert Williams at pick 27.  Williams is a guy who reminds of DeAndre Jordan because he is a rebounder and a shot blocker who will be a force on defense. If Williams plays up to his potential this guy could be a game changer.

Biggest Reach: The Denver Nuggets selected Michael Porter Jr. at pick 14

Michael Porter Jr. is a very talented player who has been compared to Kevin Durant and Joe Johnson.  Any NBA team would be happy to have him correct? Despite having supreme talent and off the chart measurables many scouts are very leery of Porter Jr. because of injuries.  Porter Jr only played    in three games his Freshmen season because of a back issue. He canceled a draft workout because of a hip issue. Hip and knee problems can be chronic issues, this guy could be boom or bust.

A steal that could no one is talking about: Kevin Huerter goes to the Atlanta Hawks at pick 19

The Atlanta Hawks are in the early stages of a rebuild but Kevin Huerter could be a player that this team could build around. Huerter is a great shooter and could turn into Klay Thompson. Great pick Atlanta.

A reach that no one even noticed: Taking players who did not play college basketball at all

There were players that did who did not play college basketball last season, Michell Robinson and Anfernee Simmons come to mind. Every pick is a risk; however, picking a player who did not play basketball against good competition can be even riskier.

A steal of deal:  The Phoenix Suns trading for Mikal Bridges

This was the feel-good story of the NBA draft, Mikal Bridges a Philadelphia kid played a Villanova, won two national championships and got drafted by his hometown Philadelphia 76ers. Bridges was later traded to the Phoenix Suns for Zaire Smith and a future first round pick. Even though he won’t get to play for his hometown 76ers, Bridges has a chance to start for a team an NBA team that won a league least 21 games a season ago.  Phoenix for once will get the best of an NBA trade after giving away so many players throughout the years.

Dealing for a great prospect in a crowded frontcourt:  Mohamed Bamba

I have no idea what the Orlando Magic are doing, this team has been sinking into the abyss for several years and I do not see that changing. Mohamed Bamba is a great prospect with the wingspan of a 747 plane, but Orlando could have used a backcourt player like Collin Sexton or Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.  The Magic already have already had on their roster Bismack Biyombo, who has been a disaster and Nikola Vueic who is always hurt.

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