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NBA Draft Lottery 2018





Webster’s Dictionary defines hope as to desire with expectation of obtainment or fulliment, to expect with confidence.  As the NBA draft is fast approaching there are some teams that hope their luck will change in June’s draft. Ping Pong balls will be awarded to teams who nearly missed the playoffs and to teams who just simply laid down and tanked.  The 2018 draft class features at least six to eight franchise players who will be gamechangers at the next level.  Everyone knows that the NBA is a star driven league and if you do not have star players, you will be at the bottom of your conference every year. Every team thinks that in this draft we will find the guy who will be the face of their franchise.




 14 teams who did not make the playoffs take part in the draft lottery. Every team that does not make the playoffs is put into the draft lottery. 14 ping pong balls numbered 1-14, will be placed in a lottery machine with a total of 1,001 four total combinations. Teams who have more losses will have a great chance of obtaining a higher pick, while the team with the worst record the Phoenix Suns has a 25 percent chance of getting the first overall pick. The machine mixes the ball for 20 seconds and this whole process is completed behind closed doors.



The NBA is a star driven league and the reality is you need star players to win. Nine teams who lost 50 or games this past season came to the hard realization   they have no star players, so they  are  hoping to find star players in June’s draft. In the NBA there is only two ways to acquire star level talent, have another star on your team to attract a star player in free agency or find young talent in the NBA draft. If you look at the 2018 NBA All star game, out of 28 players that played in the game, 23 players where lottery picks,16 picks where top five picks and four players where the number one pick.




When someone thinks lottery, we all gain the assumption that somebody has won something.  NBA draft history has featured teams that have hit the lottery; however, there are many teams have struck as well. The draft is not an exact science, mainly a crapshoot. Picking players is an unknown and you have virtually no idea what side of the spectrum a player you select will be on. For every Lebron James and Anthony Davis, will be an Anthony Bennett and Kwame Brown. All you can do as a team is pick a player and hopes he turns into the player that can carry your franchise.

Alex Knight
Alex Knight
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