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NBA Free Agency 2018: Three Things That Won’t Happen

NBA Free Agency 2018: Three Things That Won’t Happen


It’s time for the NBA’s annual version of musical chairs. This year free agency class is star- studded and If you get one of these guys it can change your franchise. This summer someone will land their star player who could possibly could lead their franchise to championships, but someone is going to strike out. Here are three things that won’t happen in summer 2018.

There will be no super team in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Lakers have not made the playoffs in five seasons and this city is starving for a championship, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t see any star players coming to the purple and gold this summer. Hey at least they have the Los Angeles Rams. Let’s start with the main domino Lebron James, he does not like playing with young players and prefers established veteran players that can make shots on the perimeter. Then we will turn our attention to the guy from Palmdale Paul George, I can’t see him leaving the Thunder and turning down an extra $40 million. George honestly is a complementary player to a superstar and not a leading man.  Then we will go south to San Antonio, Texas where the disgruntled Kawhi Leonard resides. (for now) There is no way the San Antonio Spurs will trade their best player to their rival competitor. You don’t win five championships by giving away your best players.

There will not be a lot of big trades because a lot of team’s lack cap space

The NBA will try to put hype into every free agency period but this time around I’m just not buying into it. A lot of teams are not going to make huge moves because one big reason money. The summer of 2016 a lot NBA teams went crazy handing out big money deals to players who were not going to change their franchises, now two years later you are stuck with these guys (Chandler Parsons) and no one will trade for those bad contracts.  They only way I could see a team making a move is if a player is in the last year of his contract like a Dwight Howard.

The Houston Rockets will not make any major changes this offseason

The Houston Rockets were a half away from reaches the NBA Finals for the first time since 1995 and I don’t see this team making any major changes. This team will resign Chris Paul and will find a way to keep Clint Capela. Outside of losing Trevor Ariza, I see them keep this team intact.

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Alex Knight
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