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Odds For Every NBA Team To Make The 2019-20 Playoffs

The 2019-2020 NBA season looks to be one of the most exciting seasons we have seen in quite sometime. Over the past couple seasons, we the fans, have had a clear picture of who is going to take home the Larry O’Brian trophy. Whether it was the Big 3 in Miami winning 2 out of 4 NBA Finals in 2012 and 2013 or when Golden State won 3 out of 4 NBA Titles in 2015, 2017 and 2018, it came as no surprise.

For history to repeat itself or for a new team to be crowned victorious, they first have to make a run at making the Playoffs. Oddsmakers has determined that the Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks are the respected favorites to make the playoffs.

Each team’s odds to make the playoffs is listed below and is courtesy of BetOnline.  There are a couple teams that you can taker a gamble on this coming season that will either make the playoffs or surprisingly fall out.

These are my top three predictions:

Atlanta Hawks +200

This is a team you do not want to miss out on. The Atlanta Hawks had a very successful NBA Draft with the additions of De’Andre Hunter (#4 Draft Pick) and Cam Reddish (#10 Draft Pick).

De’Andre is use to playing a “fast pace” type of offense coming from Duke and this is going to give Trey Young a great second option. Speaking of Trey Young, he already has a year under his belt in the NBA and he was put in a starting position from the beginning of last year.

Trey is coming off an incredible season where he scored 20 or more points in 28 of 33 games after the all-star break and finished second in voting behind Luka Doncic for Rookie of the Year.

With the combination of a lethal shot creator Point Guard in Trey Young, the addition of two top 10 draft picks, and the fact that this will be Vince Carter’s last year in the league, I believe that the Atlanta Hawks have that extra motivation to make the playoffs this year.

MAKE the Playoffs

Dallas Mavericks +200

I will admit, this prediction might be a little far fetched just because the Western Conference has a lot more talented teams to compete against. However, you cant count out the Rookie of the Year, Luka Donicic, and Kristaps Porzingis playing together.

Luka averaged 21 points a game, 42% shooting from the field, almost 8 rebounds a game and 6 assists a game for a total of 72 games he played this year. A healthy Porzingis can put up 22 points per game, 40% shooting and a 39% 3-point shot which is huge for a center to have that in his arsenal.

We may see a couple surprise trades before the trade deadline that could benefit the Dallas Mavericks but if Luka continues to play at the level hes playing at and Porzingis comes back 100% healthy, the Dallas Mavericks can surprise a couple teams and sneak into the 8th seed and make the playoffs.

MAKE the Playoffs

New Orleans Pelicans (+220)

The Eastern Conference is very wide open and has more opportunity for an “underdog” to make the playoffs. The Pelicans can absolutely make the playoffs.

The one thing that the Pelicans lack is experience, but they have a lot of young talent. Not only did the Pelicans land the first overall pick in the draft, Zion Williams, but the Pelicans got the better end of the deal in the Anthony Davis trade.

Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram were both starters for the Los Angeles Lakers and have experience player with the greatest player on the planet being Lebron James, Josh Hart being another solid player and a lethal shooter in JJ Redick.

If Alvin Gentry can find a way to make the young and explosive Pelicans group to come together, play high intensity basketball and to not shy away from those big moments in basketball against the best players in the world, the Pelicans have a bright future ahead of them, not only for this season, but for years to come.

MAKE the Playoffs

All odds courtesy of BetOnline

Atlanta Hawks

Yes +200

No -240

Boston Celtics

Yes -600

No +450

Brooklyn Nets

Yes -280

No +240

Charlotte Hornets

Yes +800

No -1250

Chicago Bulls

Yes +290

No -350

Cleveland Cavaliers

Yes +700

No -1000

Dallas Mavericks

Yes +200

No -240

Denver Nuggets

Yes -500

No +400

Detroit Pistons

Yes +135

No -155

Golden State Warriors

Yes -350

No +290

Houston Rockets

Yes -550

No +425

Indiana Pacers

Yes -550

No +425

Los Angeles Clippers

Yes -1500

No +1000

Los Angeles Lakers

Yes -450

No +360

Memphis Grizzlies

Yes +800

No -1250

Miami Heat

Yes -280

No +240

Milwaukee Bucks

Yes -1500

No +1000

Minnesota Timberwolves

Yes +315

No -375

New Orleans Pelicans

Yes +220

No -260

New York Knicks

Yes +500

No -650

Oklahoma City Thunder

Yes N/A

No N/A

Orlando Magic

Yes -200

No +170

Philadelphia 76ers

Yes -1250

No +800

Phoenix Suns

Yes +1000

No -1500

Portland Trail Blazers

Yes -230

No +190

Sacramento Kings

Yes +290

No -350

San Antonio Spurs

Yes -230

No +190

Toronto Raptors

Yes -400

No +320

Utah Jazz

Yes -800

No +600

Washington Wizards

Yes +450

No -600