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Timberwolves Regular Season Predictions

Minnesota Timberwolves 2018 Predictions

The Minnesota Timberwolves have probably one of the most talented rosters in Basketball. However, the team does not function well as a unit when they play. 75% of their wins last season come at home where they can feed off the crowd energy. Moreover, much of their talent is young and still developing. The Timberwolves lack an offensive leader and someone that can facilitate offensive(like a Chris Paul). The team also lacks an emotional leader and an obvious captain. And because of the competition in the West, they will likely not make the playoffs this season. However, if they were in the East, they would be one of the best teams. Moreover, if things continue on their current trajectory, Jimmy Butler will likely be gone by the end of the regular season.

Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler is hands down the best offensive and defensive player on the Timberwolves. However, Karl Anthony Towns will likely develop into a better player than Jimmy Butler. However, because Jimmy Butler was injured last season, the Timberwolves struggled to make the playoffs and were out in the first round. While Jimmy Butler is getting older and likely has few years left in his prime, he is an outstanding Al-star. Not only is he low-key, but he lets his game to his taking. He is the Kawhi Leonard of the Timberwolves. Depending on whether or not Jimmy Butler is healthy, it will determine how well the Timberwolves due this season.

Karl Anthony Towns

Karl Anthony Towns is the most promising young prospect for the Timberwolves. Arguably, he is already a top 5 center in the NBA. However, he still needs to work on performing in the playoffs. Because of his lackluster statistics in the playoffs, the Timberwolves really struggled in the first round. However, this will likely change as he matures and develops over the years.

Andrew Wiggins
Andrew Wiggins is a great young talent. Not only is he a reliable offensive player, but he is a great defensive player as well. He will continue to fill Jimmy Butler’s shoes as he matures. Andrew Wiggins remains one the best players under 25 in the NBA. However, he is not the most efficient offensive player and really needs to improve his free throw shooting percentage.

Timberwolves starting lineup

Karl Anthony Towns, Taj Gibson, Andrew Wiggins, Jimmy Butler and Jeff Teague. And a bench that includes Derrick Rose, Jamal Crawford, and C.J. Miles. The Timberwolves have one of the most talented starting 5’s in the NBA. The Team can go 8 deep, however, Derrick Rose is not reliable. And the rest of the players contribute minimally to the team.

Season predictions

Record: 42-40.
Home record: 30-12
Award Record: 12-30
Offensive Ranking: Top 10
Defensive ranking: Top 10
Playoff seed: Will not make playoffs!
Projected All-stars: Jimmy Butler, Karl Anthony Towns, and Andrew Wiggins.
Interesting Match-ups: Houston Rockets and Lakers

Michael Mannen
Michael Mannen
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