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Washington Wizards 2018-19 Schedule: Top Match Ups, Championship Odds and Record Predictions

Washington Wizards 2018-19 Season

Top Match Ups, Championship Odds and Record Predictions

The 2018-2019 season is a good opportunity for the Washington Wizards to develop the talent they possess into a top tier team in the suddenly wide open Eastern Conference.

The Wizards have made the playoffs numerous times in the past five seasons. The team, however, always failed to advance past their first round opponent, as a low seed. During the off season, the balance of power in the crowded Eastern Conference shifted and widened for this season with the departure of LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They did acquire veteran All Star center, Dwight Howard, to help solidify an already durable starting lineup with John Wall at point guard and Bradley Beal and Otto Porter Jr. looking formidable in the front court. With this foundation of solid players, the Wizards will likely again be in playoff contention at season’s end.

Their schedule is there for the taking and, if their starting five remain healthy throughout the season, they should end up where they belong.

2018-19 Season Details:

Washington Wizards Championship Odds: 100-1 – OddsShark

Complete Season Schedule:

Season Opener: October 18th vs. Miami Heat

Matchups to Watch:

December 12th vs. Boston Celtics

Since James decided to sign with the Lakers, the Wizards’ main competition for the top spots in the Eastern Conference include the powerful Boston Celtics who many regard as a championship contender. With the return of forward Gordon Hayward and a finally-healthy Kyrie Irving leading the Celtics, the Wizards have their work cut out for them if they’re looking to compete this season.

With their matchup against the Celtics taking place at home, the Wizards can use this midseason test to make a statement to other contenders in the Eastern Conference. Dominating the Celtics will remind teams the Wizards are serious in seeking a respectable seed in the playoffs.

October, 18th vs. Miami Heat

The Wizards have a test within their division with the Miami Heat being their strongest competition. The Heat finished under .500 last season, as did the Wizards, with both teams having a similar base of talent.

Simply, the Heat are the Wizards’ divisional competition throughout the season with some intriguing player battles on tap. One interesting matchup that should delight fans is the battle between Wall, and the quick, crafty point guard for the Heat, Goran Dragic.

Match ups between the Wizards and the Heat are vital. They are solid tests and games the Wizards should win if they plan on claiming the Southeast division title. Their battles were not viewed as measuring sticks when the Cavaliers were the dominant force in the Eastern Conference, but this season, after James’ exit from Cleveland, several coveted playoff spots are there for the taking

Washington Wizards 2018-19 Season

Prediction for This Season:

Last season, the Wizards played well down the stretch winding up with a record of 43-39 and secured the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference. With the addition of veteran center Howard and the experience he will share with his teammates coupled with the exciting play of All Star Wall, who was only able to play half of last season, and fellow All Star Beal, the Wizards should finish the season with a very improved record and a higher playoff seed.

The Wizards will finish the season on a positive note, but their success, again, hinges on the health of their All Stars and role players, Jeff Green and Austin Rivers. Although they won’t beat out teams like the Celtics for the top spot in the Eastern Conference, the Wizards will be fine throughout the season and may even advance to the second round in the playoffs.

Wizards Record Prediction: 49-33