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Be Aware Of These Factors When Betting College Basketball

How To Bet College Basketball

Important Factors When Betting College Basketball

NCAA basketball is an bettors biggest debacle. Consistently winning college sports bets may appear to be an easy job due to the stats and rankings-but that’s all wrong. There is constant change in this sport, with 350 teams on consent rotation, it’s hard to always have the most up-to-date information needed to make savvy bets.

One & Done’s Change Team’s Identity

There is a constant turnaround of the talent each season, and college basketball is always on the go. It’s fast-paced sport, with new players being placed in the starting line-up for each season, and sometimes every game. The new trend in college basketball is the “one and done”. Young players enter college for just one year ad immediately declare for the draft once season is over, and are usually top picks. With talent turning around every season, it is that much more of a challenge for the sports bettors to keep up with. It’s hard to place a bet on past production of a team because of the rosters changing and strengths and weakness varying immensely. Don’t fall victim to betting on a team because they were good last season, you need to make sure to only focus on this years results and roster.

Game Totals Are Dictated By Who Controls Tempo

Another challenge with betting on college basketball is tackling game totals. Between the change in players and the referees each game, it’s a lot to keep up with. With different conferences and a rotation of referees for each one, the focus is always different. It’s even more of a challenge to place the right bet on the right team, conference, etc. because the stats are rotating constantly. If you are only playing college basketball totals, make sure to focus it on teams with the highest offense/defense efficiency.

General Public Only Bets At End Of The Season

Public sports fans don’t really bet on NCAA basketball until March Madness time. Up until this time college totals are around $500. Once it hits that mid-March period, totals increase to $1,000 and higher, all depending on the game. Limits are low up until the New Year, when football season starts to die down and basketball season becomes the main priority. Vegas is aware of this, you typically find the best college basketball lines at the start of the season.

Best Lines Aren’t On National TV

What betters look towards is nationally televised games. The bigger the matchup, the more attention the program will get. A game like Kansas vs. Kentucky, North Carolina vs. Notre Dame, or Villanova vs. Xavier will attract a large audience and a number of bettors. The soft spot in this trend-that’s where the books come in. There is always a pace of play per game, one team is slow and the other fast. It’s hard to bet the totals, yet it’s easier to vet a careful prediction on the team based on the game, attracting the “wise-guy” bettors even more. You will quickly find that you can beat more lines when you stay away from the glamorious games. Just because it’s on TV doesn’t mean you have to bet it. Vegas knows that you will most likely be playing the big games, which often leads to inflated lines and heavy public betting resulting in massive line adjustments.

Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Lizzie is an aspiring female sports journalist. After attending Wake Forest University, she is a current graduate student at the University of Miami, pursuing a Masters in Sports Journalism. Lizzie refuses to allow her selection to be influenced by the outcome that happened years ago involving players that are not even on the roster today! Understanding the underlying principles of finding value based derivative bets is where Lizzie earns her competitive advantage and edge.