Top 5 Destinations for Adrian Peterson in Free Agency

Adrian Peterson Free Agency After one of the most decades we’ve ever seen from an NFL running back, free agent Adrian Peterson has spent the past couple seasons looking for a legitimate role on an NFL roster, but has failed to meet the expectations of multiple teams....

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Top 5 NFL Games to Bet on in 2018

Top 5 NFL Games to Bet on in 2018 Kickoff to the 2018 NFL Season is still over three months away, but it's never too early to begin looking ahead to September. ESPN will soon start dedicating hours of coverage each day to the biggest offseason moves, expectations for...

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 SUPER BOWL LIII - EARLY FAVORITES AND SLEEPERS With Super Bowl LII still resonating, with the Philadelphia Eagles taking the win over the New England Patriots, we can only begin to prepare for next season. With the NFL Draft period over the and the start of preseason...

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NFL DRAFT GRADES The 2018 NFL Draft is complete and there is nothing like giving out draft grades that will either excite or anger fans. There are some  teams that have drastically improved , while there were other teams that made some head scratching moves that...

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NFL DRAFT 2018 RECAP The NFL Draft is complete. Day three of the NFL draft, there were still good players still on the broad. One of the more enjoyable moments of the draft came Saturday when the Seattle Seahawks picked UCF linebacker Shaquem Griffin. He lost his left...

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NFL Draft 2018: Five Takeaways From The First Round

NFL Draft 1st Round Recap! The first round of the 2018 NFL Draft has been completed. The first day of the draft got off to a wild start, there some things that happen that everyone expected; however, there were some moves that caught everyone by surprise. Here are the...

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NFL Draft 2018: Five Surprises That Will Happen

NFL Draft 2018: Five Surprises That Will Happen   Nothing in life is guaranteed. Thursday NFL’s Draft will finally reveal who NFL’s teams are taking. There will be something things that happen in the first round that we expect; however, history shows us to expect the...

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2018 NFL MOCK DRAFT   The NFL Draft is finally here. In less than 24 hours, we will find out who prospective NFL teams will be drafting. No more interviews, no more workouts, more meetings. After months of hard work, NFL teams will be drafting players who they hope...

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NFL Draft: The running back position still matters

NFL 2018 DRAFT RANKING OF RUNNING BACKS It’s the fourth quarter   and your team is trying to put the game away, it would be nice to have a workhorse running back to wear down a defense. Imagine a   guy coming downhill over and over, so much that the other team does...

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NFL Draft 2018: The Quarterback Bonanza

NFL Draft 2018: The Quarterback Bonanza The NFL is a quarterback driven league.  Anyone who covers football, watches football and coaches football will tell you the  same, if you don’t have a signal caller chances are your team is not very good.  The quarterback is...

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