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2019 NFL Draft: Top Ten Sleepers

Albert Huggins

Huggins played defensive tackle for the Clemson Tigers. The Clemson Tigers were the best college football team this last season and it had a full roster, which saw Huggins playing fewer games and not getting the recognition he deserved. Huggins was a backup for the Clemson Tigers behind Christian Wilkins, but Clemson has always tried to use their whole roster so Huggins did get plenty of opportunities to shine. His biggest opportunities came when Wilkins failed a drug test heading into the playoff stretch and Huggins was placed in the starting lineup. Huggins showed up in the playoffs helping the Clemson defense hold Notre Dame to three points and recording five tackles in the national championship.

Although Huggins played as a backup for Clemson doesn’t mean he can’t take the NFL by storm.   

Sean Bunting

Sean Bunting played cornerback for Central Michigan Chippewas, he is 6’1, 181 pounds and recorded 26 solo tackles and two interceptions in his last year for the Chippewas. He ran a 4.42 40 yard dash which is a very solid speed for a cornerback. Although Bunting’s numbers aren’t crazy and he may fall into the later rounds of the draft any team would have a lot to work with and could gain a star. He has the length with his 6’1 frame which consists of long lean arms which give him great length at the cornerback position. Along with that lean torso and long arms he has the speed, those two factors can make for a great cornerback and if developed on the right team can be a breakout star.

Renell Wren

Renell Wren played defensive tackle for the Arizona State Sun Devils, he is 6’6 and 297 pounds. He recorded 27 solo tackles and 1 sack in his senior year for Arizona State. Wren is a monster of a player and in the draft combine, he really showed what he can offer a team as he performed in the 70th percentile in every workout except for the 3-cone drill. He has the speed and the strength he just hasn’t figured out how to use it the right way. If you had a chance to watch any Arizona State games you would have seen the shear strength Wren had, he pushed and had control of anyone who stood in front of him. What he really lacked was maneuvering skills. He could hold the player in front of him all day, but what he needs to learn his how to throw him behind and get to the quarterback.

He has the skills, he just needs the team that is willing to help him develop and find his true talent.   

Darwin Thompson

Darwin Thompson played running back for the Utah State Aggies, he is a shorter running back at 5’8, but he has the strength with a 200-pound stature. Thompson ran for 1,044 yards and 12 touchdowns and received for two totaling 14 touchdowns. Thompson was a go-to guy for the Aggies and he showed them he could really play. He has the speed and athleticism as he was credited for 61 missed tackles on 175 carries. He may be undersized, but he prides himself on showcasing just how silly he can make the defense look. He has the footwork, speed and strength to make a huge impact in the NFL. It just comes down to who is willing to let him make that impact.

Nate Davis

Nate Davis played offensive line for the Charlotte 49ers, he is 6’3 and 311 pounds. He has the size and power to make a splash in the NFL. Davis best strength is run blocking, he has major foot speed for his size and he can get to the right place fast and sometimes effortlessly. He has great strength and grip that will help him be successful when he faces players that are the same size in the NFL. The one flaw that the NFL combine gave him was his arm length. He has smaller arms which could become problematic as he tries to keep defenders at bay. Davis can come to any team with a huge upside because he really only has small flaws that can be worked out easily if given time and a great mentor.

Brad Mayes

Brad Mayes played quarterback for the Lehigh Mountain Hawks, he is 6’2 and 220 pounds. He has great size at the QB position that gives him the advantage to see over the defense and find his receivers. He also has some great strength with his 220-pound stature that gives him great opportunities to make the defense miss tackles. In 2017 he threw for 3,886 yards and 31 touchdowns. It was really his first year starting and he had a lot of potential to show. In the 2018 season, he struggled a little, only recording 1,457 yards and seven touchdowns. Many speculate that the 2017 season was just a hoax and he isn’t ready to take on the NFL, but in my eyes, I see a true talent that just needs to learn consistency and play for the right team.

I think if Mayes is given a true chance he can make a huge impact in the NFL.

Bryce Love

Bryce Love played running back for the Stanford Cardinals, he is 5’10 and 202 pounds. Many of you have probably heard of Love as he was a Heisman finalist in the 2017 season where he ran for 2,118 yards and scored 19 touchdowns. That year was a tremendous one, but the 2018 season is one he would like to forget. He was injured most of the season and one of his first games back from an ankle injury he tore his ACL. He is still healing from the ACL tear and won’t be able to showcase his skills at the draft combine. I think a lot of people have pushed Love out of their mind afraid that injuries might hamper his career. I still think Love has a great upside and can produce in the NFL. He has great speed, size and he is a master at breaking tackles.

I think once he is healthy he will really be able to showcase his skills for any team that is willing to draft him.

Jalen Hurd

Jalen Hurd was a touted running back that first started playing for Tennessee before he transferred to Baylor and changed his position to wide receiver. Hurd is 6’4 and 217 pounds. Hurd had an outstanding senior year, he had 69 receptions, 946 yards and four touchdowns. 2018 was by far Hurd’s best year and it came at just the right time. Hurd brings a unique skill set to any team that drafts him he has the size, speed and strength to be a great NFL Wide receiver, but he also can bring those same attributes to the running back position. There aren’t many players that went to college and had success playing two different positions, but Hurd did and that is what makes him such a unique and great player for an NFL team to pick up. He has said that he wants to play as a receiver at the next level but he isn’t against playing running back at times either.

The versatile skill set that Hurd brings is one that no NFL team has seen in years and any team would be lucky to pick up Hurd in the draft.

Darrell Henderson

Darrell Henderson is one of those players many people aren’t talking about because he played for the Memphis Tigers, a smaller football school that didn’t play head to head with many of the heavy hitting football teams. Henderson is a smaller running back at 5’9, but he has a 200-pound stature that helps him break tackles. In 2018, Henderson had 1,909 yards and 22 touchdowns. Henderson uses his strength to his advantage, he understands that his height at times will give him a disadvantage, so he learned how to use his strength. In 2018 Henderson was the leader in yards after contact with 6.2. This man knew where he was headed and he didn’t care who stood in his way and he showed that with his yards after contact.  Henderson also had 11 touchdown runs over 54 yards, which makes him a huge threat in the open field.

Henderson has shown that he can play, and if he is given a chance he can help any team he is put on. He has the skill set, now he just needs the opportunity.  

David Sills V

David Sills V played wide receiver for the West Virginia Mountaineers, he is 6’4 and 210 pounds. He had a tremendous year in 2018  where he had 65 receptions, 986 yards and 15 touchdowns. In 2017 he had a great year as well recording 60 receptions, 980 yards and 18 touchdowns. I believe that these two season show just how consistent Sills V has been and I believe he can bring that consistency with him to the NFL. He has great size at the wide receiver position that helps him see over defenders and gives him long reach to make those catches that seem impossible. He also brings great size as a blocker, he can really block at the wide receiver position. He may not be the best receiver in the draft by any means, but Sills V has a great upside. Any NFL team in their right mind can see that Sills V holds an amazing skill set and if developed can be a standout player in the NFL.

Dylan Phillips
Dylan Phillips
Dylan is an avid sports fan, who loves to analyze the game, both players and teams to decide the outcome.