Arizona Cardinals

George Kaltzidis July 24, 2019

Most Exciting Rookies To Watch in NFL Training Camp

Every year, over 250 rookies are drafted into the NFL, and multitudes more are picked up by teams as undrafted free agents, but only a few elite talen...

2019 NFL Individual Season Props: Predicting Offensive League Leaders.

Michael Rochman July 20, 2019

As the NFL season fast approaches, the world of betters set their eyes on statistical leaders for football. Every year odds are set questioning who wi...

Arizona Cardinals 2019 Outlook – Can Kyler Murray Lead AZ To The Playoffs?

George Kaltzidis July 17, 2019

It isn’t like Kyler will be entering a Josh Rosen-like situation from 2018 where he will be surrounded by a bunch of McDonald’s employees, high sc...

2019 Fantasy Football: Strength of Schedule Previews for all 32 NFL Teams

Michael Rochman July 16, 2019

Ah I can smell it now, for many, when they think of "Football Sunday" they think of the smell of the fresh field, the sounds of plastic equipment smac...

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