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Buffalo Bills 2019 Win Total Free NFL Pick, Prediction, And Odds

FREE NFL Pick Buffalo Bills 2019 Win Total

For a team many thought would bottom out in 2018, the Bills showed lots of promise, and actually played better than expected. The risky selection of Wyoming QB Josh Allen in the 2018 NFL Draft showed potential last season, with Allen starting 11 games, with a 10-12 TD:INT ratio, 2k passing yards, and 600 rushing yards, in a mixed season. The Bills finished the season 6-10, and Josh Allen’s development in the passing game will be key to a better record for the Bills next season.

Luckily in Buffalo, there are no worries for the defense like there for the offense. ESPN’s 2nd-ranked defense last season, underrated Bills stars like Jerry Hughes, Lorenzo Alexander, 2018 1st-rounder Tremaine Edmunds, Micah Hyde, Tre’Davious White, Levi Wallace and Jordan Poyer led a defensive resurgence in Buffalo, and the addition of exceptional DT prospect Ed Oliver from the draft can only mean good things for what could be the best defense in the NFL next year. The Bills are a sleeper team to look out for.

Under 7 wins (+110)

The Bills, keep in mind, are a team many thought would bottom out in 2018, and except for the additions of Oliver (rookie), Frank Gore (senior citizen), Cole Beasley and John Brown (okay receivers), their roster is still the same. Josh Allen should improve his passing mechanics, but it’s not like he has a Randy Moss and Cris Carter-like duo to throw too. He has a couple of average receivers, plus Robert Foster, while the running back core is old ass Frank Gore, a declining Shady McCoy, and the rookie 5’9” scat back in Devin Singletary. Allen doesn’t have a plethora of weapons to throw to, and though the big money signing of Mitch Morse at C should do wonders for his pass protection, it’s hard to see Allen improving a large amount with his aging, average offensive weapons.

The defense was exceptional last year, one of the best in America, but the issue is the lack of star power. A lot of the guys who starred in Buffalo on D last year aren’t star players, a lot of them are solid guys who joined together to make a dominant D. This doesn’t always work well for the future, and though the addition of an elite talent in Ed Oliver helps, keeping last year’s studs from regression is key to a successful season in Buffalo, and who knows how that will go. It’s a risky strategy.

Over 7 wins (-140)

However, there are a lot of signs that would lead one to believe that the Bills are in line for immediate improvement in 2019. Allen’s cannon of an arm will now be complemented by three speedy or safe-handed receivers in Beasley, Brown and Foster, while in the youthful Devin Singletary he gets a speedy, elusive back who can make people miss on the ground or through the air. The Mitch Morse signing was expensive, but he has All-Pro potential if healthy (key word: if), and with Dion Dawkins and 2nd-round pick Cody Ford showing signs of improvement, the offensive line should be a lot better in 2019.

The defense should be great too, and if Ed Oliver shows flashes of his Aaron Donald-like abilities and athleticism as a rookie, the sky’s the limit for how well this defense could do. The defense will be important in a division with Tom Brady and Sam Darnold/LeVeon Bell, so look out for the Bills D making plays in 2019. HC Sean McDermott is an underrated coach, and he will also play a big role in what this team could do in 2019.

FREE NFL Prediction Buffalo Bills Win Total

The Jets made moves in the offseason to help them compete for 2nd in the division, but some of the Bills moves were more impactful and could mean more down the stretch (Mitch Morse and John Brown immediately come to mind). The Bills had 6 wins last year with a raw offense, and with that offense showing further development, Buffalo should be one of the NFL’s sleeper teams next season.

PICK: Over (-140)