Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills

Indianapolis Colts (3-9 Away) Buffalo Bills (6-6 Home)

NFL – SUN 12/10 | 1:00 PM EST | New Era Field

Point Spread and Over/Under: Currently Unavailable


The Buffalo Bills look to defeat the Indianapolis Colts to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The Indianapolis Colts are coming of a 30-10 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Sitting at a putrid 3-9 record they have absolutely no shot at making the playoffs. This game for the Indianapolis Colts is all about pride. The problem with the Colts is that without Andrew Luck they just aren’t a good team. Jacoby Brissett has done his best, but that’s clearly not enough. Everyone should be concerned by the fact that through 12 games Jacoby Brissett has only managed to throw 10 touchdown passes. He’s currently averaging less than one touchdown pass per game. There is also the fact that their defense can’t stop anyone from scoring on them. Aside from week two where they held the Arizona Cardinals to 16 points (the Colts still lost that game) every team they’ve played has been able to put up at least 20 points. The only way they stand a shot at winning this game is if Jacoby Brissett can find a way to get T.Y. Hilton the ball. T.Y. Hilton is a great receiver, however he’s been severely underutilized with Jacoby Brissett behind the wheel. The one week they got him the ball they managed to win. Granted it was against the Houston Texans without Deshaun Watson, but a win is a win.

The Buffalo Bills are another train wreck of a team right now. They are are coming off of a 23-3 loss to the New England Patriots. While there is no shame losing to the New England Patriots, it doesn’t excuse the fact that you were only able to put up a measly 3 points against them. What an absolute fall from grace the Bills have had. During the first half of the season many people including myself viewed them as playoff contenders. Now having lost four of their last five games things aren’t looking so good for them. To make matters worse Tyrod Taylor might not even play this Sunday due to injury. That would mean that Nathan Peterman would start, and that didn’t go so well last time. Against the Los Angeles Chargers Nathan Peterman went 6-14 with 5 interceptions. While the Chargers have a very good defense throwing nearly as many interceptions as completions is unacceptable. Their one saving grace is they have one of the best running backs in the league in LeSean McCoy. If Tyrod Taylor is unable to start this Sunday then all the Bills should do is hand the ball off to LeSean McCoy and hope for the best.


Without knowing who’s starting at quarterback for the Bills it’s hard to make a truly accurate prediction. However I still believe that even though the Bills are clearly on the decline, they have a lot more upside than the Colts. I believe that the Bills learned their lesson the last time they started Nathan Peterman. Expect LeSean McCoy to put the Bills on his back and lead the Bills to victory. Regardless of who is starting at quarterback for the Bills I’d go with them on this one.

 Pick: Bills

Author: Kai Haskins

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