This past April the Dallas Cowboys cut Wide Receiver Dez Bryant and it surprised no one. Bryant has been a shell of himself the past three seasons, injuries and limiting route running did nothing but hasten his release. Fast forward three months, NFL teams are in training camps and Dez is still sitting at home, he points the finger at his former coaches, teammates and even the media saying they are the reason I don’t have a job. Dez Bryant needs to move on and be honest with himself.

Dez Bryant needs to realize he is not an elite receiver anymore and the numbers prove it.  Last year with the Cowboys, Bryant had 69 catches for 838 yards six touchdowns and was paid a base salary of $ 13 million.  The money does not match the production.  Really if we are going to be honest Dez Bryant has been a shell of himself the past three seasons.  Since the 2015, he has only registered four 100-yard games, caught 17 touchdowns and has complied 28 plays of 20 yards or more.  Dez Bryant does not get the respect he use to get as an elite playmaker, oftentimes there was some teams who left him single covered and never thought to double him. He led the NFL in dropped passes and some of those dropped passes turn into turnovers. The only person that believes Dez Bryant is still an elite receiver is Dez Bryant.

Dez Bryant never worked on his craft. There are three things that a wide receiver better know, how to get separation at the line of scrimmage, how to catch the football and how to run routes. Bryant has never been a great route runner and that does not help when a player gets up in age, watching him on film he only runs two routes a in breaking route and a back-shoulder fade and that is it. He gets no separation at the line scrimmage and when you get no separation, that messes up the timing of the route. It was so bad for Dez last year, that it looked like the defensive back was running the route for him.

Dez Bryant needs to be invisible. What I mean by invisible, he needs to be seen and not heard.  Stay off social media. We do not need to hear your response to everyone who says something about you. Stop blaming people, stop ranting because other NFL teams see your behavior and I’m very sure that no a single team says I want that guy in my locker room. There is this thing called production and tolerance.  Teams will tolerate your antics if you are producing; however, when production drops so does tolerance. Someone needs to tell Dez that he needs to be on his best behavior because this could be his last chance. The NFL is a business and if you can’t play you will be passed by.  Dez Bryant be honest with himself, you must change if you don’t you will be sitting a home ranting on Twitter sounding like a bitter ex-boyfriend.

Alex Knight

Author: Alex Knight

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