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NFL Betting Recap Free week 4

Free Week 4 NFL Betting Recap: What We Learned.

 The NFL season is going by fast with a quarter of the year already in the books. The first three weeks were anything but predictable, all though week 4 might have got you back on the right track with only three upsets this week.

Week four things started to look familiar as the Patriot’s and Packers both got wins. Ryan Fitzpatrick’s magic finally ran out and the Browns are back to losing football games.

Mitch Trubisky might have stolen his magic from Ryan Fitzpatrick on Sunday as he threw for five touchdowns in the first half alone finishing the game with six. That’s the most for a Chicago Bear since Johnny Lujack also threw six in a game way back in 1949 before the NFL was even established.

Things can’t seem to go right for the Arizona Cardinals as they are the only team left in the league to win a game. On the flip side the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chief’s stay hot and both teams improve to 4-0 making them the only two teams left in the league to remain unbeaten.

Week 4 NFL Results

Week four started off on Thursday night with an offensive show down between the Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Rams. Jared Goff had a career night throwing for 465 yards and five touchdowns helping Los Angeles to a 38-31 victory.

We had three overtime games on Sunday which was the most in one day in NFL history followed by game winning drivers by the Chiefs, Cowboys, Bengals, and the Seahawks.

To make matters worse the Seahawks all pro safety broke his leg on Sunday and will be out for the remainder of the season. Not only did he go down with a leg injury but the safety had an interesting exit as he we caught flipping the bird to his own sideline. Before the season started Thomas wanted a reconstructed contract but the Seahawks wouldn’t give it to him.  He is set to be a restricted free agent at the end of the year.

Sunday night ended with an AFC north math up between the Raven and the Steelers. The Ravens took a 14-0 lead and never looked back winning the game with a score of 26-14.On Monday Patrick Mahomes continued to impress us all, with a nifty left-handed throw as he was about to get sacked by Von Miller on the game winning drive. It Helped cap off a 10-point fourth-quarter deficit.

Week 4 Betting Recap

According to only three teams who were predicted to lose last week won. If you picked Cincinnati, Tennessee, or Baltimore to win you probably won a good amount of cash.

Home teams last week went 9-6 so if you bet on home teams you might not of had a great week. Sticking with last week the only teams I trust on the over are Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints, and Atlanta and the Patriots making their way into the mix.

Looking Into Week Five

With 25% of the season being complete we move on to week five were we have some tough match ups. The biggest game of the week might be between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The number one scoring offense vs the number one scoring defense the last six times this has happened the number one scoring offense has had the advantage winning five of the last six .

Josh Rosen and the Cardinals head into San Francisco to take on the 49ers. San Francisco might be the most banged up team in the league losing their starting quarterback, running back, and three offensive lineman expected to be watching from the sideline this week could give the blitz heavy Cardinals an opening to get their first win.

The very talented Eagles and Vikings play each other this week in a game where two very athletic teams have under-performed. If the Vikings lose this game they would fall to 1-3-1 in a division that is very tough. It is early but this game could very well have an impact on who makes the playoffs in the NFC.

This week is filled with conference match ups and it could have a big impact on the standings. I expect a lot of upsets as divisional opponents tend to play each other very well. Pay close attention as this week could start to shape up who will make the playoffs and which teams need to improve to make that run.

Brandon Steele
Brandon Steele
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