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Odds To Win Next Year’s Super Bowl

Here Are The Odds To Win Next Year’s Super Bowl

Super Bowl 53 has now passed, but lets take a quick peek into next’s years Super Bowl favorites and losers. Next year’s big game will be played on February 2, 2020 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, and the odds are already out. Check to you where you team stacks up.

The Favorites

Kansas City Chiefs +700

Kansas City fell just short of making the Super Bowl this year, and as long as Patrick Mahomes is at quarterback they are expected to be one of the top teams in the upcoming season. Offensively Kansas city finished first in total offense, but finished nearly dead-last in total defense ranking 31st if they can get some help on that side of the ball this could very well be your next Super Bowl Champions.

Los Angeles Rams +800

The Rams season didn’t end the way they wanted so next year could be a revenge tour just like the 2016 Denver Broncos. They arguably have the most talented roster in the league and if they can retain most of their keys players Los Angeles could be in for another fantastic season. The Rams have a very young offense and with head coach Sean McVay calling the plays this team could be good for many years to come.

New Orleans Saints +800

New Orleans was the favorite to win this years Super Bowl for majority of the year. A terrible pass interference that was not called in the final minutes of the NFC championship game caused them to miss out on the big game. Quarterback Drew Brees had one of his better season to date, but the now 40 year old is heading into his 19th NFL season and if Drew can keep on doing what Drew does best then this team should be in good hands.

New England Patriots +1000

This year was suppose to be the year New England doesn’t win, but they should us again they are the team to beat. As long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are on this team there is simply no way you can count them out. Year in and year out New England gets the job done and in a weak division the Patriots will most likely be back in the playoffs next year.

Battling For Playoff Position

Chicago Bears +1400

The Bears were one of this years most improved teams and a big reason for that is their defense. They finished the year number three in total defense but their offense could defiantly use some improving. Yes, Mitchell Trubisky had his best season to date but he still only threw 24 touchdowns and had one of the worse yards per game for starting quarterbacks. If the Bears plan on improving next season they should probably get Trubisky some better weapons.

Los Angeles Chargers +1600

Have the Chargers time run out ? This year’s team has been one of the best teams Philip Rivers has had. They were able to win a road playoff game which is huge but will they ever get passed New England and now with Kansas City emerging could Rivers championship run be running out of time.

Minnesota Vikings +1600

Everyone thought Minnesota was going to be the team to beat in the NFC. Its safe to say they had a down year. Kirk Cousins didn’t exactly have a great season and some might be wondering if he is the man for the job. Their are plenty of fingers to be pointed but this very talented roster can get the job done the questions is can they put it all together?

San Francisco 49ers +1600

San Francisco probably had the most hype heading into the season. With key injuries from starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to starting running back Jerick McKinnon the 49ers season ended really before it ever began. The NFC West is a very tough division so even if they get their guys back I still find it hard to see them winning the division next year.

Green Bay Packers +2000

This team had another disappointing season, with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback this squad should be in the playoffs every year. Now its Matt LaFleur turn to take over has head coach. If he can help this organization get some help round Rodgers this could very well be a Super Bowl contending team. This team prefers to build through the draft, but Rodgers time-table could be running out.

Indianapolis Colts +2000

This team had a huge turnaround this season but I think we all knew what Andrew Luck was capable of if healthy. Colts had arguably the best draft last season with 2 all-pro rookies if they can add some spice to the roster this off-season the Colts could be scary good.

Philadelphia Eagles +2000

The Eagles barely made the playoffs this year, thanks to back-up Nick Foles. I think the question for this team is can Carson Wentz stay healthy. With loads of talent on this roster they could very well be in the playoffs next season. They fell just short with a loss to the Saints in the playoffs. If Wentz can return to his old form Philadelphia could be set for years to come.

Pittsburgh Steelers +2000

The Steelers have to hand their off the field issues first before we can start talking about the Super Bowl. The big question for the upcoming season is who will Antonio Brown be playing for. If hes gone Pittsburgh will have forced out two of the games best offense weapons in recent years. Is Big Ben getting to old, there are way to many questions that need answered before this team starts talking about the Super Bowl.

Cleveland Browns +2200

Cleveland is of the most exciting teams in the league with loads of young talent will Freddie Kitchens be able to put it all together. Baker Mayfield looks to be the franchise quarterback but now that NFL teams have some film on him will he hit a sophomore slump. One thing is for sure this is not the same team we have seen in Cleveland in recent years.

Dallas Cowboys +2500

Dallas started off slow but finished strong heading into the playoffs. The Defense really stepped their game up in the second half of the season. The offense as always runs through Ezekiel Elliott, if Dak Prescott can take this offense to another level then Dallas might be able to get through the divisional round next year.

Houston Texans +2500

Houston had one of the most disappointing finishes to the season. They got knocked off at home in the playoffs to division rival the Indianapolis Colts. If they didn’t have such a slow start to the season they could have had a first round bye. What ever this teams problem is they seem to be missing something. If they can get some help on the outside across from Deandre Hopkins Houston could have one of the better all-around teams in the league.

Teams On The Bubble

Atlanta Falcons +3300

Atlanta lost keys players on both sides of the ball early in the year. If they can get their guys back the Falcons have enough talent to make a playoff run.

Baltimore Ravens +3300

Baltimore just extended John Harbaugh’s contract but they are finally saying good-bye to Joe Flacco. With Lamar Jackson taking over, the running game was very dynamic, but one thing is for sure the passing game will have to improve if the Ravens plan on making a run.

Carolina Panthers +3300

Carolina started off so strong but fell off real fast towards the end of the year.Cam Newton is the big man in charge and he was faced with a major shoulder injury, will he be able to bounce back next season ? With Newton healthy Carolina is always tough thanks to Luke Kuechly and that defense.

Jacksonville Jaguars +3300

Jacksonville is set on defense but I think we can all agree they have a major offensive problem. Who is going to behind center next season, will it be Blake Bortes ? Some are saying it could be Joe Flacco either way this team needs a quarterback and if they can find one they could be in the playoff mix next-year.

New York Giants +4000

Will New York stick with Eli our are they finally going to draft a quarterback ? This offense has the potentially to be explosive with Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr, its just who is going to give them the ball ?

Seattle Seahawks +4000

Not many people thought Seattle would be the playoffs last season, but the defense was able to find their identity. With Russel Wilson in at qb you cant quite take them out of the hunt yet.

Tennessee Titian’s +5000

The Titian’s were so close to making the playoffs last season falling just short in the final game of the regular season. The defense continues to be tough but in an improving division the offense will have to step it up next year.

Will Most Likely Miss Playoffs

Arizona Cardinals +6600

Arizona is hoping their second year quarterback Josh Rosen can improve off last seasons disappointment. Hiring New head coach Kilff Kingsbury could give the Cardinals some life but until the worst ranked offense improves this team will most likely miss the playoffs next year.

Buffalo Bills +6600

Buffalo was able to pick up what they thing could be their franchise qb Josh Allen, but with no help around him its going to be hard to compete for a playoff berth.

Cincinnati Bengals +6600

The Bengals started off strong but fell of quick. With major injuries to Andy Dalton and A.J Green the Bengals had no chance of making the playoffs. New head coach Zac Taylor is hoping to make a spark in next’s years squad.

Denver Broncos +6600

Denver is one of those teams that has loads of talent but just couldn’t put it all together when it mattered the most. New head coach Vic Fangio is hoping he can shine some light of next’s years team.

Detroit Lions +6600

The Lions have a lot of missing pieces and Matt Patricia is hoping his second year is a lot better than his first. If no his time in Detroit could come to an end next year.

New York Jets +6600

The jets went out and picked up Adam Gase and Gregg Williams to hopefully improve this team. They found their franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold but will he improve in his second year ?

Oakland Raiders +6600

The Raiders season definitely didn’t go as expected. In year two will John Guden finally add some missing pieces or will it be another terrible season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6600

Tampa Bay brought Bruce Arians into the mix to hopefully fix their problems. Jamies Winston has inconsistent over the last coupe season and if he doesn’t have a better year it might be time for him to say his good-byes.

Washington Redskins +6600

Quarterback Alex Smith suffered a devastating leg injury last season, and his status for next year is still unclear. If hes a no-go then next year could be a very long season.

Miami Dolphins +10000

At this moment Ryan Tannehill’s status with the Dolphins is up-in-the-air. If they deiced to part ways Miami’s season could already be in the books.

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