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Kansas City Chiefs 2019 Win Total Free NFL Pick, Prediction, And Odds

FREE NFL Pick Kansas City Chiefs 2019 Win Total

Once a team that flamed out in the first or second round, a team that had a solid quarterback but one that would never get them over the top, a team that was exciting but never had too much to hope for in the future, Kansas City (and the wider NFL community) was introduced to Patrick Mahomes in 2018, and it’s safe to say that the franchise won’t ever look back.

5 097 passing yards.

50 touchdowns to 12 interceptions.

Passer rating of 113.8 on the season.

The #1 seed in the AFC, and a trip to the AFC Championship game.

Chiefs record of 12-4

League MVP, Pro Bowl, 1st Team All-Pro.

I could go into more depth on Patrick Mahomes’ incredible sophomore season, but there’s no point in that, since you should already know all about what he accomplished last season. Add to that the (assuming he returns) explosive, dominant wideout Tyreek Hill, elite TE Travis Kelce, one of the better offensive lines in the business, and a pretty damn good running back group, and the Chiefs offense will be great again. Their season will ride or die on their defense, and what they can do in 2019.

Under 10 wins (-125)

The Chiefs have +800 odds to win the Super Bowl, but there are multiple reasons to believe they could drop off in the 2019 season. Patrick Mahomes is a freak of nature, but last year was his first season starting, a season the league was unprepared for. Who’s to say that the league MVP won’t regress in 2019 and fall off a little? That would definitely lead to KC getting less than 10 wins.

Even with the star-studded additions of Tyrann Mathieu and Frank Clark on defense, getting rid of Dee Ford and Justin Houston does nothing to help what was an abysmal pass rush last year, and their secondary is still abhorrent. Their defense will need to be more consistent, and young DBs like Kendall Fuller and rookie 2nd-rounder Juan Thornhill need to be solid contributors to help the team out.

And that’s not even getting into the Tyreek Hill case; let’s face it, the man is a stud, with nearly 1500 receiving yards and 12 TDs in 2018, as well as over 5100 all purpose yards in his 3 NFL seasons (plus 3 Pro Bowl appearances to boot), but if he is found guilty in his child abuse investigation, he’s done for. Mecole Hardman was a speedy second round pick who could fill the void, and besides it is unlikely that Hill is out for too long after all (on June 10 investigations found that his son’s arm was broken by accident), but he will still likely be suspended, and with all his talent, him being out would be a huge loss for Andy Reid’s offense. This situation is a wait-and-see one.

Over 10 wins (-105)

Then again, maybe I was just overreacting to the potential slump of Patrick Mahomes in 2019, and he returns to elite form once again. This is the likely scenario, and with another year in Andy Reid’s complex offense, plus the addition of explosive Mecole Hardman from Georgia in the draft, who’s to say Mahomes doesn’t play even better in 2019?

The defense will be better; Justin Houston was a great contributor for a long time (who could forget when he nearly broke Michael Strahan’s sack record in 2014) and Dee Ford ascended to play at an elite level last year, but Frank Clark is an exceptional talent, and he will help make up for the losses of both players. Tyrann Mathieu is also an excellent defender, and he will bring credibility to the Chiefs’ back end. Andy Reid isn’t exactly Captain Clutch when it comes to the playoffs, but it is worth taking the over on this prop bet with him as a head coach, as his style wins regular season games at a consistent rate. The Chiefs should once again be approaching the top of the NFL in 2019.

FREE NFL Prediction Kansas City Chiefs Win Total

This is a young team, an explosive one, one that should be contending for a long, long time. Unless Patrick Mahomes regresses massively and it turns out he was just a one year wonder once teams pay more attention to him, there’s no reason to think that Kansas City should struggle too much in 2019. Bet the over here, and don’t look back.

PICK: Over (-105)