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NFL QB Draft 2019 Class

The 2019 NFL Draft is fast approaching and we know many front offices are getting to work in evaluating and finding talent to upgrade their teams moving forward.

Even with the scouting combine approaching this week, there is a considerable amount of time until the draft commences. When one thinks of the draft prospects, it’s impossible to ignore the quarterback position, especially with this year’s group. It’s anyone’s guess at this point exactly where these quarterbacks will fall. A few will land in the first round while others will scatter in the later rounds. Opinions on these quarterbacks can change based on what they’ve done in all-star games, and what they will do in the combine, private workouts, and interviews moving forward.

You never know if we will see an under the radar prospect soon receive a lot of hype and skyrocket on top of most experts’ draftboards. We will break down all you need to know about the quarterbacks in this draft season.

First-Round Picks


Even though this year’s draft is marred with uncertainty as to where every quarterback will go, it is a safe bet that Dwayne Haskins will be drafted high in the first round. The finalist for the Heisman Trophy threw for 50 touchdowns in an amazing season. He displayed a skill set that can translate to the pro game. The young quarterback throws well in the pocket with excellent accuracy, anticipation, and rhythm. He also has a good feel for the rush in the pocket and throws with good zip. He has the tools of a franchise quarterback, but whether or not he becomes a solid starter or an all time great quarterback is up in the air.


As we all know by now, Kyler Murray has decided to follow his love for football by pursuing a career in the NFL instead of playing baseball. The Heisman Trophy winner has the pure arm talent that would warrant him as a top first round pick. He can win from the pocket and throws with great zip and accuracy. His speed and elusiveness also makes him a nightmare for defensive coordinators. However, many pundits have concerns due to his height ranging around 5’10 and his small frame. However, the early success of predecessor Baker Mayfield and other height-challenged mobile quarterback Russel Wilson has helped to open the door for more teams willing to take the chance on the Oklahoma prospect high in the draft even if he is smaller in frame compared to those two.


Drew Lock had a down season by his standards. However, his physical tools and 6’3 stature still makes him a viable top quarterback prospect. When compared to the electrifying but physically diminutive Murray, Lock is seen as perhaps the safer option but without the extremely high ceiling. Either way, he is seen as a top 10 choice.


Jones did not set records in college but his exposure to good coaching and his physical stature of 6’5 makes him someone to also look at. With the three guys ahead of him likely to get chosen in the first 15 picks, Jones is someone a number of teams picking in the teens might grab in order to eventually usurp their starter. A lot of that will depend on how well he displays his measurable, physical tools, and football knowledge these upcoming weeks.

Late Picks In Draft


Where Will Grier goes will most likely depend on how well he can wow and convince front office executives in meetings. He is someone that can be grabbed in the late first round and picked up in the second, third, or fourth round. He’s shown an ability to run a high-octane in college, albeit in the Big 12 with excellent receivers. However, his feel in the pocket can be inconsistent. He is someone that could benefit from sitting a year and fully grasping NFL offenses and reading NFL defenses.


Ryan Finley is someone that has been overlooked in this draft process. He is someone that can could be a sneaky late first round pick for a team looking to groom a successor or he could slid to the third round or so. He has the tools to be good but only if put in the right situation.


Thorson is one of those quarterbacks with a lot of experience that played in the tough Big 10 conference. He has good size but isn’t seen as someone that can carry a team or has an enormous ceiling. However, he has shown in Northwestern that he can manage the game as a signal caller. He will most likely be a day 2 pick and depending on what team takes him, he might see the field at some point in the next couple of years.


Stidham has good size but has dealt with inconsistency. He is someone that can get drafted in the 3rd round on day 2 but is mostly a day 3 fourth or fifth round pick.

Hail Mary Picks

Trace McSorley, Penn State: McSorley had a terrific career at Penn State but his height will be a concern. He will be a day 3 pick.

Gardner Minshew, Washington State: Minshew threw a lot of touchdowns for the air raid offense in Washignton State. His fifth place Heisman Trophy ranking added with his passing ability, confidence, and moxie will generate some interest, perhaps in the mid rounds.

Brett Rypien, Boise State: Rypien is the nephew of former Washington Redskins QB Mark Rypien so that will give him some extra looks. However, he was only solid in college and will be a late round pick. He is most likely a backup in the NFL.

Jordan Ta’Amu, Ole Miss: Ta’Amu impressed at the Senior Bowl and many more will look into him. He was electrifier in college but will need to fine tune his game and develop to have success in the NFL.

Tyree Jackson, Buffalo: Tyree Jackson’s arm strength and size at 6’7 will generate buzz despite coming from a small school. Judging quarterbacks from small schools is difficult but the early success of Carson Wentz and Josh Allen will help to give more eyes to Jackson.

Kyle Shurmur, Vanderbilt: Shurmur had a good college career and displays solid skills and size. However, he will need more time to develop as he is late round pick at best.

Jacob Dolegala, Central Connecticut: Dolegala is someone that can catch some eyes if he does well in the scouting combine and in other workouts. He was seen as an unknown but that is changing as we speak.

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