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NFL Top 15 Ranking

Ravens leaped to the top after beating Seahawks, New England and Texans

It’s NFL and we have ranked the top 15 teams according to their strengths and weaknesses. This week Ravens mark their position on number 1 after beating the Patriots and Seahawks. New England moves to second place as Raiders are back in the game and have rolled up in the top 10. 


  1. Baltimore Ravens | Past Week’s Rank: 2

Ravens are dominating the NFL ranking after winning against Texans this Sunday. Even after 2 loses against Patriots, Ravens managed to stay on top. The win against Seahawks was remarkable and the team had the best defense so far. 

Williams is an up-down defender with 2 picks in the postseason and has been serving the Ravens since 2009. Raven’s best offense comes with a high dose of Ray Rice who is looking forward to get rid of the very issue the team is facing right now. The problem is little runs and conversions which results in little playoffs. 

2. New England Patriots | Past Week’s Rank: 1

Patriots got their seat switched with the Ravens this Sunday at Philadelphia and they don’t seem to be happy about it. New England has one of the strongest passing games and Run Defense. The team seems to have been working on their offense lately because it’s weaker than we expected.

3. Seattle Seahawk | Past Week’s Rank: 3

Seahawk just came out of the bye week and entered the home stretch of the season. The team showed solid run defense and Josh Gordon has made efforts to boost the Seahawk’s passing game. The Team is ready to perform on Sunday and let’s see what they bring.

4. San Fransisco 49ers | Past Week’s Rank: 4

Niners have been ahead of Seahawks in NFC’S West because of their comeback yet a remarkable win against Cardinals. Since TE George Kittle appears to have recovered from his injuries and will definitely be strengthening the Niners.

5.Green Bay Packers | Past Week’s Rank: 5

Packers made a return from their bye week this Sunday to play for the NFC’s playoff position. The match took place at San Francisco and it’s been a tough competition for Green Bay. With Aaron Jones in the team, Packers have strengthened their defense and passing techniques.

6. Minnesota Vikings | Past Week’s Rank: 7

Well Vikings have been fallen just like the economy of a struggling country. However, the aggressive defend and comeback victory is all set to pave the way to its uplift in the ranking. Fans look forward to see some real Vikings in the play.

7. New Orleans Saints | Past Week’s Rank: 8

After a perplexing loss to Falcons, the win against Tampa Bay was needed. Poor saints couldn’t take advantage of their home-court in the last season but they sure will secure a significant rank in playoff’s seed this season. 

Drew Brees is by far the greatest quarterback at saints and is ready to break records in a pre-heated race with Tom Brady.

8. Kansas Chief City | Past Week’s Rank: 9

Chiefs gave us a great show by beating Los Angeles in Mexico City on Monday. This has increased their chances to be in the playoffs. The percentage of them being in the playoff’s is 85 which was 75 earlier.

9. Dallas Cowboys | Past Week’s Rank: 12

Cowboys are one of the best teams with bad upsets. The overall team work gets low marks because it is not a solo flight. QB Dak Prescott can’t take all the burden on himself and needs a strong defensive support in the form of Ezekiel Elliot.

10. Oakland Raiders | Past Week’s Rank: 13

Raiders have made their mark in the top 10 after their last game on Monday and are set to give their best on Sunday 24 in New York. Under the chairmanship of John Gruden, Raiders are likely to be preoccupied in the post season chase.

11. Buffalo Bills | Past Week’s Rank: 16

Bills need to upgrade their passing game as American Football is all about the rush and pass. The team on the whole needs to work on their defense and they’ll end up being the toughest opponent in game.

12. Houston Texans | Past Week’s Rank: 6

The Texans rolled down like a stone after a very non-defensive play against Baltimore. Texans were lacking against Lamar Jackson and their offense seemed to be zero.

The team couldn’t score until the fourth quarter after 34-0 midway trail.

13. Los Angeles Rams | Past Week’s Rank: 15

The Rams have beaten the Bears in the Playoff Game this Sunday but still got a long road to run. Unfortunately, the road is steep and the coach needs to focus on the defense and passing game. 

QB Jared Goff was the only reliable players who did not perform his best in the last game against Chicago. Goff managed to make an effort for 18 passes only.

14. Indianapolis Colts | Past Week’s Rank: 20

It’s good to see the colts rising up and are all ready to give their best on Thursday Night against Houston. Both of the opponents are ready to fight for the AFC South Lead.

15. Tennessee Titans | Past Week’s Rank: 14

Their struggle for the AFC South Lead isn’t over yet as they are still in the game. With three division games in the coming month, their struggle to move forward might bear fruit.