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NFL Week 6 Free Pick Plus Future Value

NFL Week 6 Free Pick Plus Future Value

The NFL thus far has been an absolute roller coaster. You got teams like the Chicago Bears with Khalil Mack taking over the NFC North while powerhouse teams like the Atlanta Falcons sitting at the bottom of the NFC South with a 1-4 record. Everyone is talking about the second year phenom Patrick Mahomes as the best Quarterback in the league over Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady, I say hold your horses on that bold statement.

This season the Cleveland Browns have more wins than their last two seasons combined. They celebrated their Week 3 victory over the New York Jets like they won the Super Bowl, and honestly, I don’t blame them. But this leads us to the Week 6 pick of the week where the San Diego Chargers (-1) easily cover in Cleveland with a final score of 26-17. The Baker Mayfield bandwagon may not like this one, but the Chargers have too potent of an offense for the Browns to keep up, even with their solid defense. The Chargers have two loses this year to the top two Super Bowl favorites at this point in time: Kansas City Chiefs (+600) and LA Rams (+175).


Along with the pick of the week I took a look at division winner futures to find some value for you. Some teams are off to a slower start than expected, but still have the division in their sights. Consider these futures an investment over the course of the season and the week 6 pick of the week as a quick payout.

AFC East

AFC East has little to no value betting the division at this point, unless you bought into the Dolphins quick start…I haven’t. We all saw the Patriots absolutely destroy the Dolphins coming off their 2-game losing streak a couple weeks ago, reestablishing themselves as the year in year out AFC East winner.

Pick: New England Patriots (-700)

AFC West

AFC West, we have a similar story with the Kansas Chiefs looking to be the class of the AFC so far this season. The LA Chargers are their biggest competition within the division, but at +400 the value isn’t quite there with them two games back.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs (-700)

AFC North

The AFC North is completely up for grabs with the Cincinnati Bengals on top right now. This week is huge with the Steelers coming into The Jungle in a week 6 matchup. The Bengals have been playing great football, but the Steelers have been picking up their play and are getting the best running back in football back after their week 7 bye. I don’t recommend putting any significant money on the choke artist Bengals and instead suggest going with the underdogs. And, yes, the Ravens are good, but not good enough.

Pick: Pittsburg Steelers (+300)

AFC South

The odds on the AFC South are extremely surprising going into week 6 with the Jaguars (-120) as slight favorites to win the division. The Titans just lost to the Bills while the Jags three losses have all come to teams with winning records, including the Titans in a 9-6 game that could’ve went either way. We know Sack-sonville is based on their defense just as the Titans are, but one is clearly superior than the other.

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars (-120)

NFC East

The NFC East is currently a bloodbath with the Redskins in first at 2-2 after getting blown out, post bye week, by the Saints. The Giants were a popular pre-season value pick that just hasn’t panned out. The Cowboys “best line in the NFL” hasn’t looked it so far. All this forces us to look back at the 2-3 Eagles coming off their Super Bowl victory. A Super Bowl hangover seems to have hit them, but I can’t imagine them losing the division even if they only go 9-7.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles (-110)

NFC West

This is the worst division in football besides the LA Rams so I am not going to waste your time going through why they are pick to win the division.

Pick: LA Rams (-4000)

NFC North

A ton of value can be found betting on this division’s winner. Every team is within one game of each other with a lot of talented rosters. As appealing as going with the Packers (+300) is, I advise to refrain. Defense wins divisions and the Packers and Lions cannot stop anything this season. This leaves us with the Bears and Vikings who are both well rounded teams that put up points and defend. The Bears Khalil Mack trade has changed the NFL and he is playing at a Hall of Fame level. However, the Vikings are the smart pick with their solid defense and potent offense led by Kirk Cousins who has the 3rd most passing yards this year. YOU LIKE THAT?!

Pick: Minnesota Vikings (+150)

NFC South

Finally, the NFC South is a two-team race led by the Saints and Panthers. Both teams have incredible weapons that can put up 40 points any given week. However, with the Saints coming up on their hardest stretch of games, (Ravens, Vikings, Rams, Bengals, Eagles), the Panthers have a chance to take over the division lead. Carolina doesn’t have to play teams like the Rams or Vikings and that could be the difference.

Pick: Carolina Panthers (+225)

Justin Krokoff
Justin Krokoff
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