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NHL Teams versus the Money Line: Who is the Most Profitable?

NHL Teams versus the Money Line: Who is the Most Profitable?

The NHL is on the back-end of the season and it is a good time to look at what teams have been the best return on investment and what squads have been a liability. As is the case with betting, start of season expectations make surprise teams and consistent winners the most rewarding investments while teams that haven’t lived up to their hype of the year prior end up as disappointments. The trade deadline is coming up soon and teams are bound to take on a different look and new expectations for the rest of the season but as of now, here are how all 31 teams stack up if you were to put $100 on them every game this season.

Best Bets

New York Islanders Logo

New York Islanders

The Islanders came into 2019 reeling from losing their franchise linchpin in John Tavares and with a new face behind the bench in Barry Trotz  so the bar was set low. A resurgent season from goalie Robin Lehner and Trotz’s defensively sound approach have made New York one of the surprises of the season and landed them on top of their division. Their low expectations accompanied with a 13-11-3 start has made them an underdog bet for the majority of the season, meaning most bets on them are very lucrative in comparison to other division leaders.

$100 Bet on every Islanders game = +$1,304.76

Tampa Bay Lightning Logo

Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay had no such departures and came in as one of the more obvious Cup contenders. They have been firing on all cylinders this year, harboring the league’s best record as well as it’s leading point scorer in Art Ross favorite Nikita Kucherov. The Lightning were expected to be great and their profit margins are slim, however, the fact that they are as far ahead of second place in the league as second place is of fourteenth means they are by far the safest bet in hockey and those slim margins are worth a 0.732 win rate (over 10% higher than second best).

$100 Bet on every Tampa Bay games = +$1,210.38

Calgary Flames Logo

Calgary Flames

The Flames are a mix of the two prior teams mentioned, they were expected to be good, just not this good. TheHockeyNews and similar sites pegged Calgary’s as that of a playoff contender but as of now the Flames hold the second best point total in the NHL and sit atop the Western Conference. The trade for Elias Lindholm from Carolina has paid great dividends and Johnny “Johnny Hockey” Gaudreau is currently fourth in the league in points. Calgary is one of the best teams in the league and they play in the weakest divisions in hockey so, barring major injuries, they are a safe bet for the rest of the season even if they don’t yield a large return on a night to night basis.

$100 Bet on every Flames games = $784.72

Worst Bets

New Jersey Devils Logo

New Jersey Devils

Spearheaded by Taylor Hall’s Hart trophy run, the Devils made a run to the final spot in  the eastern playoffs last year and although they got bounced in five games in the first round, the consensus was that they would be in line to contend for a spot again. Their fate has not been as kind this season as the league MVP has missed nearly half of the team’s games and the rest of the unit has not been able to pick up his slack. New Jersey falls as the third worst team overall and since there is no clear return date for Hall, they are the team to avoid.
 $100 Bet on every Devils game = -$971.08

Florida Panthers Logo

Florida Panthers

Florida was marked as one of the up and coming teams heading into the season and they have failed greatly at living up to that mark. Goaltending struggles has caused the Panthers to remain distant from the playoffs and inconsistent in the betting sphere.

$100 Bet on every Panthers game = -$864.7

Colorado Avalanche Logo

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado was another team that made a surprise run to the post-season last year and their youthful core propped them up to be one of the best squads in the league the first two months of the season. Nathan Mackinnon and Mikko Rantanen put up historic level numbers as a duo to begin the year and as they have cooled off, so has the team as a whole. The Avalanche’s betting deficiency has come mostly due to being favored following their hot start and  the faltering that followed. They are a team to stay away from as they could pop off on any given night but have not shown any consistency or reason to believe since the middle of December.

  $100 Bet on every Avalanche game = -$858.21

Teams on a Trend

Anaheim Ducks Logo

Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks have been marred by injuries all year long but it wasn’t until recently that they became a betting liability. Highlighted by their 12 game losing streak and the firing of coach Randy Carlyle, Anaheim has been on a ferocious downward spiral. Winning just 2(!) of their last 21 games, the Ducks have gone from a team holding themselves up despite an injury bug to arguably the worst in the league. Their General Manager has appointed himself as interim head coach for the rest of the year and there are zero signs of life in this team. Stay away.

 $100 Bet on every Ducks game =-$596.17

Arizona Coyotes Logo

Arizona Coyotes

Arizona has picked up the pace lately and dragged themselves out of the basement to be within arms reach of the post-season. The overall futility is what keeps them alive but the Coyotes have made themselves a much more profitable underdog, before their recent 5 game skid, AZ had a stretch of 6-2-2 and at one point was just two points out of the final wild card spot. They have been plagued by injuries but their recent success makes them a much stronger bet going forward considering their upset wins will often give larger payouts.

  $100 Bet on every Coyotes game = -$166.52

Washington Capitals Logo

Washington Capitals

The defending champions remain a contender for a another cup run but they have been shaky as of late. Washington has gone just 6-6-3 since the beginning of 2019 and Ovechkin has slowed down by his standards (7 goals in last 15GP compared to 30 in his first 40GP). The Capitals have been strong favorites in the majority of their games since the season started but their current struggles make them a risky bet and they should avoided for the time being until they start playing up to their standards again.

  $100 Bet on every Capitals game =-$75.62

Everyone Else

Here is how every other NHL team would have done if you bet $100 on all of their games.
Teams in BOLD have negative returns.