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Nick Foles NFL Team Odds For 2019

Nick Foles NFL Team Odds To Play For

The Super Bowl is over, which means if you’re a big NFL fan your attention turns to the upcoming 2019 NFL free-agent class. When it comes to this year’s class, nobodies name is tossed around more than 30-year-old Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback, Nick Foles. Former Super Bowl MVP, the ultimate backup, or jolly old Saint Nick; whatever you want to call him, Foles is clearly at the top of many NFL teams’ priority lists.

Over the past two seasons, Foles has an NFL postseason record of 4-1. To go along with the sheer clutch factor, Foles had a total Quarterback Rating (QBR) of 67.6 in the 2018 regular season across five games, according to ESPN. Had this QBR qualified, it would’ve sat Foles as the 10-best quarterback for 2018, sandwiched between the Falcons Matt Ryan (67.9 QBR) and the Rams Jared Goff (65.9 QBR). So, the argument that Nick Foles deserves a starting job is certainly valid.

Is he a better quarterback than current Eagles starter Carson Wentz? Considering Wentz led the entire NFL in QBR in 2017 (78.5), yes higher than Tom Brady (70.6 QBR), I wouldn’t jump to those conclusions. Wentz is still recovering from a serious back injury and is only 26 years old. One thing is for sure though, Foles exceeded so many expectations when his number was called the past two seasons that he deserves a big pay day.

The Eagles have an agreement in place to exercise a 2019 contract option to keep Foles for $20 million this upcoming season. Foles can either accept the offer or decline at the cost of $2 million from his own pocket in order to hit free-agency. The Eagles could also franchise tag Foles for $25 million and then open the possibility of trading him to another team. It’s a complex situation, but all in all, the days of $1 million base salary Nick Foles are over.

Now, without further a due, here are the odds of the top nine NFL teams who could end up with Foles in the coming months.

Current Odds For Teams To Get Foles In 2019

Miami Dolphins (+200)

Washington Redskins (+250)

Jacksonville Jaguars (+350)

Denver Broncos (+400)

Philadelphia Eagles (+600)

New York Giants (+1000)

Oakland Raiders (+1500)

Carolina Panthers (+2000)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2000)

 Contenders For Nick Foles To Play For In 2019

Miami Dolphins (+200)

The Dolphins currently are the favorites to nab the former University of Arizona Quarterback, and with good reason.Current starter, Ryan Tannehill, has been nothing more than mediocre over his six seasons with Miami. Since 2012, he has never made a Pro Bowl, and only had a quarterback record over .500 once in his career (2016: 8-5 in 13 GS). Miami played just well enough this season (7-9 in 2018) in order to slide all the way to 13 in the 2019 NFL draft order. This means their chances of getting attractive college quarterbacks such as Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State or Drew Lock of Missouri are slim to none.

This leaves the Dolphins in a tough position. Do they throw a dart at a middle-round college quarterback and hope it sticks? Or do they feel the Patriots reign in the AFC East is coming to an end. If they hold this mindset and want to compete in 2019, then Nick Foles fits perfectly.

Washington Redskins (+250)

Starter Alex Smith suffered a career-threatening leg injury last season, and his presence was severely missed. The Redskins went 1-6 in the remaining seven weeks of the 2018 regular season when Smith didn’t play an entire game. If that stat doesn’t scream quarterback help, I don’t know what does.

The Redskins finished with an identical record as the Dolphins at 7-9, leaving them the 15-overall selection in the 2019 draft. The whole at quarterback is so big in Washington that a move to draft a quarterback in the first round and sign Nick Foles isn’t off the table. Smith likely won’t see the field at all next season for the Redskins. Although Smith recently inked a 4yr./$94 million deal with Washington, at age 34, one can only wonder if this leg injury changes the entire mobile identity we’re used to seeing out of Smith.

NFL Teams That Are Long Shots For Foles

Denver Broncos (+400)

To keep things short, the Broncos simply don’t have the incentive or the cash to lock up a guy like Nick Foles.Case Keenum is owed $18 million next season and contrary to Alex Smith, he is currently healthy.The Broncos also had a very uncharacteristic year (6-10) in 2019, leaving them with a top-10 pick in the draft. If there’s one thing Broncos General Manager, John Elway, likes to do, its develop young quarterbacks from within his own system.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2000)

Jameis Winston is only 25 years old and certainly still has a lot of potential.Not to mention the Buccaneers sit in an NFC South division that looks like it will be dominated by the New Orleans Saints for at least three more years.The Buccaneers should use this time to take a step back and analyze whether or not Winston is their franchise quarterback. Adding Foles would only put into question the number of starts Winston would receive, leading to a confusing overall season like 2018 with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Best Place For Foles In 2019

Due to the Eagles commitment to Wentz, don’t see Foles returning in a green uniform. That said, he did thrive extremely well in the Eagles system and knows the NFC East extremely well. For those reasons, I think the best fit for Foles is on the Washington Redskins in 2019. The Redskins may have to pay a lot of money up front, but they could use their draft position to improve the offensive line. In the meantime, the offensive playbook could be re-vamped to reflect Foles’ in-the-pocket style of play.These changes would keep the Redskins competitive for a few years while Smith recovers. If Smith ends up not being able to run like he used to (which is a high possibility), who better to teach him the new style of play than Foles in say 2020.

 Pick: Washington Redskins (+250)


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